Making a donation

Contribute to the past, present and future of Nyenrode by becoming a donor to the Nyenrode Fund. Read more about the different ways to contribute like many alumni before you did.

Dutch residents

A donation to the Nyenrode Fund is tax deducatble for Dutch residents due to the ANBI status of the Foundation. Depending on your total income, either 36,65%, 38,10% or 51,75% of your donation will be returned to you via the Dutch tax autorities. Want to know which percentage applies to you? Read more on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities. Calculate your tax advantage via this easy ANBI calculator.

American Friends of Nyenrode

Are you an alumni living in the United States of America? Contribute to our project by donating via the American Friends of Nyenrode Inc. (AFNU). The AFNU is a North-American organization of Nyenrode alumni and friends with the aim of supporting our educational goals and raising funds for revolving scholarship for current and future Nyenrode students. AFNU donations are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. AFNU also accepts donations from outside the US.

Single donation

Your tax advantage is limited for a single donation with a minimum of 1% but at least 60 euros and a maximum of 10% of your total income. Let's say your total income on a yearly basis is 35.000 euros. This means will only be able to get a percentual refund for your donations if you donate no less than 350 euros with a maximum of 3,150 euros a year.

Want to make a single donation? Transfer the amount of your choice to NL11 ABNA 0567 0116 31 indicating the project you chose to support with the money. International donations should include the BIC number ABNA NL 2A.

It is possible to make a fast and safe donation via Tikkie, an app by the Dutch bank ABN Amro which allows you to pay via iDEAL on your mobile phone.


Have you made a donation? Let us know via e-mail. We would to send you a handwritten thank you card.

Regular financial donation

A regular financial donation allows Dutch residents to fully use the tax advantages. In an agreement, you would pledge to donate a sum periodically for at least five years. This could be a donation every month, quarter or year, The sum of the donations within each year can be subtracted from taxes.

Want to become a donor? Download and fill in the contract below, sign it and send it to us.

Download the contract here

Scroll down to read about donating via your company or including Nyenrode in your will.

Example regular financial donation

The Nyenrode Fund is recognized as an ANBI-organization, making donations from Dutch residents tax-deductible to a certain percentage. Depending on your total income, either 36,65%, 38,10% or 51,75% of your donation will be returned to you via the Dutch tax autorities as shown in the example below.

 BrutoNetto payment Taxes
Netto donation 3.167,503.095,002.412,50
Amount returned


Let's say you are a Dutch resident and fund a project like a scholarship with your cohort. With a total income of 35.000 euros on a yearly basis, your income is in the third tax bracket. You donate 250 euros a year to the Nyenrode Fund.

 Bruto RefundableTax Netto 
(in euro)donationamountadvantagedonation
Single donation250,-00250,-
Regular donation250,-250,-95,25154,75

A regular financial donation of 250 euros only costs you 154,74 euros!

Donate via your company

It is possible to donate the money via your company. This way, it is possible to subtract the sum from the taxable profit. If you wish to receive an invoice, we are happy to provide you with one. Contact us for more information.

Include the Nyenrode Fund in your will

Do you look back at Nyenrode as a life changing experience? To make an impact on our alma mater, you could consider including the Nyenrode Fund in your will. That could either be a specific amount or a percentage of your legacy. This is your chance to show the impact Nyenrode Business Universiteit has had on your life.

The Nyenrode Fund is an ANBI organization, which means citizens of the Netherlands won't have to pay inheritance tax.



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