René Orij appointed Professor of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

"Think about the importance of transparency about sustainability."

March 1 2023
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Today, René Orij was appointed as Professor of Corporate Sustainability Reporting at Nyenrode Business University. Orij has been working for the Nyenrode Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax for six years, and was primarily involved with the accountancy program.

Rene OrijOver the past 15 years, Orij has conducted research into the incentives and consequences that companies experience when reporting on sustainability. He was a pioneer of empirical research in this field. He is currently working on bringing this theme to the attention of national and international stakeholders, together with colleagues at Nyenrode.

The importance of transparency about sustainability

After a career in banking and at an international aid organization, Orij made the switch to education and academia 20 years ago. He has always been fascinated by the impact that companies have on the environment and society, and is particularly interested in the choices that companies face when it comes to sustainability reporting; ranging from ‘greenwashing’ to transparency about genuine sustainability.

“My appointment shows that Nyenrode attaches great importance to sustainability reporting and research in this topic. With my future research, I want to hold up a mirror to companies and accountants: think about the importance of transparency about sustainability. Providing information about the impact of companies on the outside world, and vice versa, is becoming increasingly relevant.”

Contribution to the field of sustainability reporting

Ruud Vergoossen, director of the Nyenrode Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax, about the appointment:

“I very much welcome the appointment of René Orij as Professor of Corporate Sustainability Reporting. Clear and balanced reporting by companies on the impact of their business operations on the environment, people and society is an important step in the pursuit of a better, sustainable society. The regulatory playing field is constantly changing, and there is still a lot of uncertainty about the practical application. I am convinced that, given his track record in academia, René can make a major contribution to developments in the field of sustainability reporting.”

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