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March 3 2022

Nyenrode Business University is strongly connected to business, which is why faculty members are focused on impactful and practice-oriented research. Because by doing research, Nyenrode increases its impact, both scientifically and socially. The faculty conducts academic research and since 2020 we collect the achieved impact in impact cases. An impact case includes a portfolio of research around a central theme, focused on the reach and impact of that particular research.

The impact cases demonstrate how Nyenrode is strengthening its connection to the practice and education, and how faculty members are finding practical solutions to relevant and current challenges in the everyday practice. In line with our core values, the impact cases are categorized under Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Stewardship and there is an additional category on educational innovation. 

Success with a vision

"In 2020 we started collecting impact cases on an annual basis, with the cases by André Nijhof (2020) and Marlies de Vries (2021) chosen by the faculty as our Impact Cases of the Year.  As of September 2021, we switched to publishing a new Impact Case each month. In early 2022 we collected close to 30 Impact Cases on topics such as sustainability, leadership in times of crisis, and moresprudence. We continue to publish monthly Impact Cases approximately 10 times per year, showing how our research adds a positive contribution to solving 21st century problems”, explains Bo van der Rhee, Research Director at Nyenrode. 

Impact Conversations

André Nijhof, Professor of Sustainable Business and Stewardship and Anke van Hal, Professor of Sustainable Building, both conduct research in the field of sustainability. They started the conversation together and with hosts Bregje Spijkerman and Jan Anne Amelink about sustainable solutions on a small and large scale. What is the success of sustainable developments, what can we do ourselves and how do we hold on to our ideas? Van Hal says the following: "If you are able to start a fire under someone, even with the tiniest little flame, you will set in motion a whole array of changes."

Bundled collaboration

The impact cases are all bundled in a booklet, including QR codes that redirect to the web page of the relevant impact case. This is where not only a summary of the case can be found, but also a sneak preview video in which the author briefly summarizes their case. Rector Magnificus Koen Becking recently received the first copy from Melanie de Ruiter, associate professor, including 26 impact cases.

Have you been inspired, and would you like to know more about our impact cases? Click here and download the impact case that inspires you. For more information about the complete booklet, send an email to for a digital version.

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