"Sustainable solutions start with yourself"

The Impact Conversations with André Nijhof and Anke van Hal

March 10 2022

André Nijhof, Professor of Sustainable Business and Stewardship and Anke van Hal, Professor of Sustainable Building, both at Nyenrode Business University, conduct research in the field of sustainability. Together with hosts Bregje Spijkerman and Jan Anne Amelink, they talked about sustainable solutions on a small and large scale. What is the success of sustainable developments, what can we do ourselves and how do we hold on to our ideas?

Third success factor

When making homes more sustainable, often only the technological and financial aspects are highlighted, Van Hal explains. The personal aspect is forgotten or even neglected in this. What are the consequences? Van Hal conducted research into the so-called 'third success factor' and explains what the advantages are if we include the personal aspect in a future energy transition: “If you are able to start a fire under someone, even with the tiniest little flame, you will set in motion a whole array of changes”, says van Hal.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Action

The question is no longer 'what is sustainability?', but 'how can we contribute ourselves?' Nijhof explains that it starts with yourself. His advice is to look back on personal successes in the past. Which actions in the field of sustainability went well and can you easily apply? As an example, Nijhof mentions the reusable coffee cup: “A few years ago. the Dutch Railways started the action of bringing your own coffee cup. By ordering a cup of coffee, you received a 25 cent discount. I am not interested in the discount, but it is a small effort to bring your own cup, and you also benefit from it yourself”.

The Impact Conversations is a podcast series in which you discover the stories behind our reseachers and their work. With hosts Bregje Spijkerman and Jan Anne Amelink, you will dive deeper into practical solutions for real-life challenges.   

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