The “Claim your Chair” project is a good example of how you can make a personal contribution to Nyenrode’s educational facilities.

Would you like a room full of Nyenrodians to see your name and read an inspirational quote? For €500, you can claim a chair and have a text of your choice displayed on it, for a period of five years. The money raised is used to renovate the lecture rooms. It allows us to offer our students lectures in a modern environment, which contributes to a pleasant study environment and enhance the Nyenrode Experience. Alumni like you play an important role in making this possible.

When you make a donation of at least €500, we select your chair in lecture rooms 102 or 103 in the De Rooij Building. Due to our successful campaign with our donors in the summer of 2019, the last available chairs in De Rooij 101 and 104 have now been claimed. Because of the great interest in this project, you can now claim a chair in two new lecture rooms: De Rooij 102 and 103.

We will attach a beautiful plaque to the chair, so that the student sitting in your chair can read your name and your inspirational message. This plaque will remain in place for five years. Do you want to extend the term with another three years? In that case, we ask you to donate another €500. This allows us to continue to invest in our facilities and keep up with trends and developments.

Check out the floor plan of De Rooij 102 and 103 to see which chairs are still available. Many alumni have gone before you, such as Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen:

“I regularly receive photographs of people sitting in my chair, which is really funny. It is great to see! When people app me, I know they’re seated in the back row.”


Maxime Groenen

Maxime Groenen

Nyenrode Development Office
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