Full-time MBA

1 year
€ 39.000

The Full-time MBA is accredited by AMBA: London, United Kingdom and EQUIS: Brussels, Belgium.
These accreditations are the legal basis for granting the degree Master of Business Administration.

MBA at the core of business.

Our Full-time MBA offers you a strategic management curriculum focused on real-world international business practices and authentic leadership. Becoming a student at Nyenrode means joining a community dedicated to lifelong learning and career support alongside faculty, staff and peers who will challenge and encourage you as you find your path and accelerate your career. The Full-time MBA classes take place at the Nyenrode premises in Amsterdam. You will get a first-hand experience of the Dutch influence on global business and trade, discover different companies and scale-ups based in the Netherlands and Europe, connect with like-minded professionals, and meet Nyenrode MBA alumni.

    • An MBA meticulously designed to foster your international potential.
    • Develop the senior strategic skills required in today’s management.
    • Expand your network by connecting with CEO’s of top companies.

    Structure and Learning Experience.

    Through case method learning, company projects and introspective exercises, you will discover your potential and grow to a level where you will have the biggest impact as a manager. Our Full-time MBA program is designed to reflect the way businesses operate and consists of the following core elements: Fundamentals of Business Management, Business Practices, European Immersion Modules, Meet the CEO sessions and a Personal Leadership Development Journey.

    • Fundamentals of Business Management.

    The first part of the Full-time MBA program is all about acquiring an understanding of the key principles of business and management. The fundamentals are designed to provide you with a strong academic foundation, which you will need to apply during each step in the program, and consists of the following subjects: 

    • Strategy.
    • Accounting.
    • Analytical Business Tools.
    • Operations & Process Management.
    • Big Data Analytics in Business.
    • Corporate Financial Management.
    • Marketing Strategy.
    • Human Resource Management.

    • Business Practices.

    During the second part of the Full-time MBA program you will focus on several key business practices which are all concluded with two-day visits in main European cities. During the business practices you will combine the academic knowledge gained during the fundamentals with the practical application for a variety of companies operating in different sectors and countries. This part of the program consists of the following subjects: 

    • Strategic Financial Management.
    • Value Chain Optimization.
    • Innovation & Digitalization.
    • Organizational Leadership & Talent Management.
    • Circular Economy & Sustainable Development.

    Each of the above-mentioned business practices is rounded up with a European Immersion Module, during which you get up close and personal with the European business community. 

    • European Immersion Modules.

    During the European Immersion Modules, you will spend two days visiting a European city to listen to, or give, presentations to leaders of companies operating in those markets. Furthermore, you will get to experience the collective and collaborative power of Europe in for example the following cities:

    • Paris.
    • Milan.
    • Oslo.
    • Frankfurt.

    Watch the video of the visit to Maersk in Copenhagen, which was part of the practice on Organizational Leadership and Talent Management. Our Full-time MBA students had the opportunity to meet one of the company’s Vice Presidents, who is an alumna of Nyenrode. In teams they worked on a business case and presented their solutions to the executives of Maersk.

    • Meet the CEO sessions.

    One of the unique elements of our Full-time MBA program are the Meet the CEO sessions. They run throughout the length of the program and will help you build a professional network by bringing you in touch with senior executives of companies operating in different sectors. The emphasis is on continuous and mutual learning: CEO's get a fresh perspective from you and your fellow Full-time MBA students, and in turn share their own business experience.

    • Leadership Development.

    Our primary focus is your career advancement and your attractiveness to the business world. The Personal Leadership Development Journey runs throughout the length of the program and is designed to enhance your leadership potential. You will be supported to identify your strengths as an individual and as a team member, resulting in a truer self-direction, and an enhanced ability to motivate others and to lead organizations. The insights you will gain are relevant not just to your next move, but the whole of your career.

    • Final Company Project.

    The Full-time MBA program will be concluded with a final graduation project. Together with a fellow MBA student and under the guidance of a faculty supervisor, you will undertake a two-month research assignment / business project at a company. You will learn to set up a proper research project during the preparation course Applied Research Methodology. During this final part of the program, you will develop specialized expertise by applying all your acquired knowledge to real business issues and you will be able to influence real commercial outcomes.

    Return on education.

    During the Full-time MBA program there is a lot of attention for your career. You will learn about the ins and outs of the Dutch and European Business community, and peer group coaching – guided by Nyenrode alumni – allows you to learn from and with your fellow Full-time MBA students. On top of this, Nyenrode has long-standing ties to many corporations. Recruiters and Human Resource Managers are familiar with Nyenrode and the Full-time MBA program and are very interested in what you will have to offer after graduating from our university.

    Graduates and their employers.

    Recent graduates have joined organizations including: Uber, EY, Philips, Adyen, ING, DSM, Nestlé, Accenture, Liberty Global, and FrieslandCampina. Our Full-time MBA graduates work in consulting, marketing management, finance, and sales, with 88% of them finding a job within three months of graduating. Of the MBA graduates of the past ten years, 51% work in Europe. The primary sources of employment of our MBA graduates are the Nyenrode network, thesis companies, and referrals by alumni.

    Nyenrode Full-time MBA Career Statistics

    Meet industry leaders on campus.

    At Nyenrode we believe in the power of networking. The many company visits in the Netherlands and Europe that take place throughout the Full-time MBA program will allow you to work on real-life business cases for a variety of companies while also making valuable connections for your future career. Furthermore, you will be encouraged to participate in special on-campus Breakfast Sessions and Alumni Talks. Here, students, alumni, and representatives from the business community are brought together to be inspired by industry leaders and to discuss the latest challenges.

    Nyenrode Full-time MBA Business Network

    Expand your business network.

    Our Career and Personal Development Department will support you in realizing your career objectives by laying down a solid foundation for your career management, personal branding and leadership development. The annual (online) Nyenrode Career Event will connect you with representatives of top Dutch and international companies such as: ABN AMRO, Achmea, Bijenkorf, Capgemini, Dell, Microsoft, FrieslandCampina, and many more. The event's interactive setting will allow you to attended company presentations, meet recruiters and find available career opportunities.

    Visa after graduation.

    If you do not have a European passport, you are eligible for a one-year visa after graduation to aid you in finding a job in the Netherlands. For more information on this orientation visa, visit this website of the Dutch government. You can request this visa up to three years after your graduation. Once you find a job, your employer will arrange a residency permit for you.

    Studying in the Netherlands.

    The Netherlands has traditionally been an internationally oriented country, housing a large international community. This makes living here easy for international students. Our country has many benefits you can tap into:

    • A high educational standard with universities offering great value for money.
    • The Netherlands is one of the safest, healthiest, and happiest countries in the world.
    • 95% of the Dutch population speaks English and the country has an international outlook.
    • Consistent strong economic growth (2,7% in 2018) performing above average in Europe.
    • World leader in many areas of expertise, such as agriculture, water management and more.
    • After graduation you can start your career in the Netherlands with a one-year visa to find a job.

    Living in Amsterdam.

    Deciding to live in Amsterdam means becoming part of a vibrant, international city where people of 170 nationalities live and work. You will find increasing job opportunities due to more international companies relocating to Amsterdam and will have ample travel opportunities to the rest of Europe; Paris, Brussels, London, or Berlin are only hours away. Furthermore, companies like Philips, ING, Booking.com, Uber, Netflix and more are headquartered in Amsterdam and the city hosts a growing eco-system of startups and scaleups that tap into available local talent. The JCV Student Association will connect you with like-minded people through activities at Nyenrode and in Amsterdam.

    Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the life in Amsterdam. Simla Oral from Turkey invites you to join her for a day in her life as a MBA student at Nyenrode while she attends a Meet the CEO session with the Wildlife Forensic Academy.

    OurDomain campus in Diemen | Amsterdam

    Due to the high demand for housing among our students, Nyenrode offers accommodation at OurDomain, a new housing complex only 15 minutes from Amsterdam city center. The modern self-contained apartments are designed for bachelor, master, and PhD students. OurDomain is situated next to a train and metro station. This station offers frequent and direct transport links to Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Utrecht.

    OurDomain houses a lively student community and several facilities such as: a supermarket (open 7 days a week), restaurants, cafés, a fitness center, a print shop, a launderette, and study-rooms. A furnished apartment at OurDomain costs about € 960,42 - € 1.087,83 per calendar month, depending on the type of apartment. Rent for two persons is approximately € 1.254,77.

    All apartments at OurDomain feature a living area, a modern bathroom and open kitchen. The monthly rent includes bicycle parking, TV and internet subscriptions, gym membership, and access to the tennis court and study halls. The monthly rent is excluding service costs and utility advances. No housing allowance granted.

    The steps to join Nyenrode.

    To be eligible to apply for our Full-time MBA program you will need to meet the following requirements:

    • Bachelor or Master degree (any subject).
    • A minimum of three years of full-time, relevant work experience.
    • Good command of English (TOEFL iBT 92; IELTS 6.5; CERF B2).
    • A good score on your academic admission test (GMAT minimum 550, GRE or LTP).

    *No GMAT required to apply for the Full-time MBA program.
    Save 3 months of preparation time by choosing Nyenrode's LTP admission test. 

      Admission procedure.

      The admissions process of our Full-time MBA program takes place in 3 steps. Once we have received and approved your documentation and have held an (online) interview, we decide on your eligibility. The admissions steps are:

      Step 1: Complete application package.

      For us to process your Full-time MBA application, you will need to complete the following:

      • Click on the ‘apply online’ button on our website and register.
      • You will receive an email containing a link to Nyenrode's admissions portal.
      • Provide 2 references (please use the template that you will receive from us by email).
      • Include a GMAT, GRE or Nyenrode LTP admission test report (the LTP may be completed from abroad).
      • Include TOEFL or IELTS certificate or equivalent (not needed if English is your mother tongue).
      • Provide copies of relevant diplomas and a curriculum vitae containing at least 3 years' work experience.

      Step 2: Assessment and interview.

      Based on your documents our Admissions team will make an assessment regarding your eligibility to join the upcoming cohort of our Full-time MBA program. If this assessment has a positive outcome you will be invited for an (online) interview with members of our Program Management team.

      Step 3: Final application decision.

      The assessment and interview combined will determine whether you can join the Full-time MBA. If the decision is positive, we will invite you to enroll and to start your official registration as a new student at Nyenrode.

      Special admission route: SPJIMR.

      If you follow the SPJIMR Global Management Program you can complete our Full-time MBA program in eight months. You follow the SPJIMR program for six months and then join Nyenrode's Full-time MBA. Contact us if you have questions about this study route and to get in contact with SPJIMR Nyenrode alumni.


      Our Full-time MBA program yields a lifetime of dividends, both professionally and personally and is considered by our alumni as the best value for money investment in you and your future. Pursuing an MBA is a serious commitment of time and money; an investment that you will need to carefully plan.


      Every MBA candidate admitted to Nyenrode demonstrates a unique ability to become a leader who will make a difference in the world. While admission is based on merit, financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated need and motivation.

      Study loans.

      • Prodigy Finance for MBA Loans. Nyenrode now cooperates with Prodigy Finance. Their lending program provides community-funded loans to international students for top universities. As a Full-time candidate you can benefit from an attractive interest rate and a 6-month grace period after graduating. Visit the Prodigy Finance website to apply for an MBA loan.

      Nyenrode has a partnership with financial institution in certain countries to facilitate the access to funding:

      • Mexican talents can apply for funding with FIDERH and FUNED.
      • Colombian talents can apply for funding with Colfuturo.
      What does the application procedure look like, what are the entry requirements and how does COVID-19 impact the program? Find out in the frequently asked questions below.

      We offer the (online)LTP test as a substitute for the GMAT. Applications can be submitted without an English proficiency test and we accept any kind of proof of English at the moment.

      Submit your application without an English Proficiency test. We will assess the level of English during your interview or accept any other sort of proof of English. You might be asked to take an English proficiency test or other English course before the start of the program if there are doubts about the level of English. If needed, we will do two interviews.

      Visa applications are not delayed at the moment. We will start Visa applications at the earliest possibility, and we will be flexible where needed.

      Yes, we now accept applications for the 2023-2024 intake and there are currently no restrictions for international applicants.

      Same as usual, except for the English proficiency test.

      No, we do, as always, offer the (online) LTP test as a substitute for the GMAT.