Full-time Master of Science in Management

Amsterdam, Breukelen
August 22 2022
June 30 2022
16 months including pre-master
40 hours
€ 29,250

Full-time Master of Science in Management

Are you a young professional looking for more than just an academic Master? Our full-time master in management offers a unique combination of academic business knowledge, practical relevance and personal development. You have the opportunity to shape your own development. You can choose one of two locations and one of three tracks of your interest. Become part of the Nyenrode network and start your career with one step ahead.

What can you expect?

  • Academic Master in 16 months (including Pre-Master)
  • Focus on your growth and personal development.
  • Choose one of three tracks: Digital Business & Innovation, Financial Management and Global Business.
  • Choose your location: Breukelen or Amsterdam.
  • Practical relevance and personal development parallel to the Master program
  • Visit companies abroad during the Global Immersion Program.
  • Chosen the best Business Master ten years in a row (2019 Dutch Masters' Guide).
  • Ranked 63rd in the global Top 100 Masters in Management.  
  • 16 months university master (including pre-master)
  • Practical experience through the Personal Leadership & Development Journey
  • Three tracks available and a focus on personal development

What are the admission requirements?

  • At least a Bachelor's degree (Research University or University of Applied Sciences).
  • Between 0-3 years work experience.
  • Affinity with mathematics and statistics.
  • Adequate knowledge of English (TOEFL 91+, IELTS 6.5 or Cambridge Advanced C1).
  • Admission test taken during the admission procedure (Nyenrode LTP test or GMAT / GRE).


The full pre-master is compulsory for anyone with a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Sciences. For students with a Bachelor's degree from a Research University certain exemptions are available.

Most international students are required to follow the entire Pre-Master.

Only students with a Bachelor or Master in Business Administration from a Research University can be exempted from the Pre-Master.  

In all cases, the full admission procedure applies.

Admission procedure

  1. Press the yellow apply button and fill out the form. After you submitted the form, you will receive an email with a link to our Nyenrode Admissions Portal. Make sure to complete your application in this portal.
  2. We will contact you to schedule the selection day, the Nyenrode LTP test (in case you do not have a GMAT or GRE score) and a personal selection interview.
  3. If you are admitted you will receive a letter with the registration form within two weeks.

    Key dates

    • Early bird application deadline: 1 April 2022
    • Last application deadline: 15 June 2022 (non-EU applicants), 30 June 2022 (EU applicants)

    Late admission: if you still wish to apply for the 2021 intake, please contact our Program Advisors.

    • Start of the program: 22 August 2022
    • Start of the summer course: 1 August 2022
    • Introduction student association NCV (Breukelen): 17 August 2022

    Early bird: 1 April 2022

    Reap the benefits of applying before the first application deadline. If you submit your application before the 1st of April 2022:

    1. you don't have to pay the application fee of € 500,-.
    2. you are guaranteed a spot on the campus location of your first choice, Amsterdam or Breukelen.
    3. you will receive a free intake with our Career & Personal Development advisor. He can help you map out what your dream job is, which career path you can take and how the master program can help you to achieve these goals.


    For talented students with limited financial resources there are a number of possibilities for partial scholarships*:

    • Orange Tulip Scholarship - For students with the following nationalities: Indonesian, Russian, South Korean, and South African. The scholarship amount is € 9750,-.
      Find here an overview of the scholarships and procedures.
    • Revolving Scholarship - Stichting Nyenrode Fonds (or Nyenrode Fund) offers students the opportunity to apply for one of the scholarships that will be made available by Nyenrode alumni. Somewhere during your career you give back to the fund by offering a scholarship to a new Nyenrode student yourself. For more info about the application process and criteria, click here.
    • MSc Scholarship - There are ten scholarships of € 9750,- available. The application procedure for the MSc Scholarship is similar to that of the above mentioned Revolving Scholarship. For more info about the application process, click here.
    • GMAT Excellence – For student with a GMAT score of 650 and higher. There are two scholarships available of € 9750,-.
    * Please note that the above scholarships are specifically intended as a contribution towards the tuition fees. All students will have to at least cover the costs of half of the tuition fee (up to € 19.500), living expenses, housing, study associations (for students in Breukelen) and other matters. Scholarships cannot be combined.

    Apply for a scholarship

    Do you want to sign up for a scholarship and learn which scholarship is a good fit for you? Contact our program advisor via ftmsc@nyenrode.nl to learn more about the possibilities and to start your application. 

    Application Master

    You can apply for the Full-time Master (MSc) in Management via the green application button.

    Special admission route: SPJIMR.

    If you follow the SPJIMR Global Management Program in Mumbai, India you can complete the Full-time Master in Management in twelve months. You follow the SPJIMR program for six months and then join Nyenrode's Full-time MSc in Management. Contact us if you have questions about this study route.

    By signing up for this program, you agree with the terms and conditions of Nyenrode and the rules and regulations of the program.


    The pre-Master lasts 4 months and consists of the following 7 courses:

    • Academic Reading & Writing
    • Business Research
    • Business Statistics
    • Marketing & Strategy
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Managerial Economics
    • Foundations of Finance


    The Master takes 12 months. You start with the following courses:

    • Management Science
    • Business Strategy and Alignment
    • Digitization, Business & Society
    • Operations & Supply Chain Management
    • Managerial Finance

    Then you start with one of the following tracks:

    • Digital Business & Innovation
    • Financial Management
    • Global Business

    The Global Business track will be offered at the Amsterdam location. The Digital Business & Innovation and Financial Management tracks will be offered in Breukelen.
    Should you decide to study in Amsterdam, but your track is offered in Breukelen, then you can travel to Breukelen on the days you have classes.

    During the Global Immersion Module, you will visit companies abroad for one week. This modules is connected to your Master track. How we will organize this week abroad during covid-19 times, will be announced soon.

    Finally, you conclude your Master with an individual thesis.

      Personal Leadership & Career Development

      Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship are the primary drivers of personal, interpersonal, organizational and societal success and well-being. They are embedded in all the courses that make up your MSc program. Your Personal Leadership and Career Development (PLCD) journey, that runs parallel to the academic program, has been designed along these themes and takes you through the whole MSc Master program.

      The PLCD course provides you with frameworks and the time to focus on the growth of your personal leadership and to put your learning into practice. The project days form part of the whole course, coupled with diverse workshops and activities that provide you the opportunity to develop further skills, explore your personal development in more depth, and truly focus on your further career growth and the skills that will set you apart as a professional.
      You will focus on many of the practical aspects of career development, and exposure to the (international) corporate community.

      Download here the PLCD flyer.

      Curious about the program? Contact our Program Advisors via ftmsc@nyenrode.nl to schedule a personal information session.

      Choose your location: Amsterdam or Breukelen

      The Full-time Master (MSc) in Management offers you the possibility to follow your studies in two unique locations: Amsterdam or Breukelen.  Each location provides you with a different Nyenrode experience based on your preferences.


      Studying in Amsterdam means enjoying flexibility to the fullest. You can decide whether you want to join the Nyenrode Amsterdam Study association (JCV) or any student activities outside of Nyenrode. The Amsterdam Campus is cosmopolitan, vivid, entrepreneurial, international and highly connected to business. Experience our Campus in Amsterdam in a virtual tour.

      The Amsterdam building is located in the heart of the city alongside one of the main canals (Keizersgracht) We offer students access to the business network in Amsterdam. In addition, we offer a business incubator, a lounge with its own bar for food and drinks and numerous events, like breakfast sessions, to connect our student community (Bachelor, Master and MBA students) with the business world.

      Nyenrode facilitates students with the possibility to live at Campus 'OurDomain' in Diemen Zuid, a students residence complex located 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.


      Studying in Breukelen allows you to fully focus on your student life while becoming an active member of the NCV (Student Association) You can participate in its numerous committees while practicing your business and social skills.

      The campus is situated on a historical estate with a thirteenth century castle at its heart. You can enjoy everything this unique setting has to offer. It is the perfect environment to dedicate 16 months to your own development. Some of the facilities included are: a library, private study rooms, sports (Rugby field / tennis court / hockey and soccer fields / gym), a student restaurant, housing and two bars.

      The campus also welcomes professionals on a daily basis for executive education programs, enabling you as a student to connect. By living and studying on campus, you will create a network of friends for life.

      Curious about our locations? Contact our Program Advisors (ftmsc@nyenrode.nl) to visit Nyenrode Amsterdam or Breukelen

      Program costs

      The pre-Master and Master cover a total of three semesters. The costs per semester are € 9.750, -. Total costs of € 29.250, - include:
      • Tuition fee pre-Master (1 semester)
      • Tuition fee Master (2 semesters)
      • Readers & copyrights

      Books and flight ticket (s) for international study trips are not included. 

      • Application fee: € 500,-.
      • Application fee early birds (applications submitted before 1 April): € 0,-.

      Living on campus in Breukelen

      Various types of rooms are available on campus. The costs vary from € 300,- to € 600,-. For all information about housing on campus in Breukelen, view this page.

      Living in Amsterdam

      Nyenrode offers students the opportunity of living on Campus Diemen-Zuid (just outside of Amsterdam). If you have questions about living in Amsterdam and possibilities, please contact one of the program advisors (ftmsc@nyenrode.nl).


      The Master of Science (MSc) in Management is a recognized degree program, which makes it possible for students with a Dutch nationality or EU/EEA citizens to apply for student financing through DUO in many cases. Contact DUO to discuss your personal options.

      Click on the 'admission'-tab to learn more about the available scholarships.

      What will you get out of it?

      Your career takes off as soon as you start your Master of Science in Management with us. A few facts and figures:

      FTMSC info graphic webpage 630 width EN

      In addition:

      • 20% of our graduates start their own business.
      • Of our students who have funded their master with a loan, 57% is debt-free after three to five years.

      Ready to become a Nyenrodian?

      Master of Science in Management at Nyenrode

      A master's degree in management from Nyenrode enables you to start your career in the Netherlands, if you wish. The benefits of this course and studying at Nyenrode are: You get to know the culture and habits of Dutch corporate life through our extensive network of Dutch companies. Our strong brand name will make you stand out with recruiters and HR managers. If you have little work experience, this university master will provide you with all you need. You do not necessarily need an MBA to boost your career! Accommodation is provided for you; you get a room at our campus in Breukelen or in Diemen near Amsterdam. You can also learn basic Dutch through us.

      Curious about the program? Download the brochure to learn more about the curriculum.

      Studying in the Netherlands

      The Netherlands has traditionally been an internationally oriented country, housing a large international community. This makes living here easy for international students. Studying in the Netherlands has many benefits, such as:

      • A high educational standard and great value for money.
      • The Netherlands is one of the safest and happiest countries in the world.
      • Ample travel opportunities to the rest of Europe; Paris, Brussels, London or Berlin are only hours away.
      • A lot of international career opportunities.
      • After graduation you can start your career in the Netherlands; you can get a one-year visa to find a job.
      Register for a Personal Information Session with one of our Talent Recruiters to learn more about the career opportunities after the MSc in Management.

       Check out Daniela's experience as an international student at Nyenrode


      What does the application procedure look like, what are the entry requirements and how does COVID-19 impact the program? Find out in the frequently asked questions below.

      • Open days: open days will be held online or in smaller groups on campus.
      • Campus tours: campus tours will be organized in small groups on both campuses (Amsterdam & Breukelen), as soon as the COVID-19 regulations give us the opportunity to do so.
      • Personal Information sessions: schedule a call with our Program Advisors or inquire whether it's possible to meet our Program Advisors in person.
      • Admission days: admission days are being held online by using Teams and our Nyenrode Admissions test which can be taken from home.
      All questions related to running applications can be sent to admissionsftmsc@nyenrode.nl.
      Students who haven’t started their application yet can contact the program advisors at ftmsc@nyenrode.nl.

      We offer our own admissions test (Nyenrode LTP) as an alternative for the GMAT and GREs. The test is scheduled after completing the online form in our admissions portal. 

      The English certificates can be submitted by 23 August 2021, before the start of the Pre-Master phase of the program.

      The IND (Dutch Immigration Department) is in business for all applications. Students can apply for a student visa via the admissions office as they would normally do. The IND has informed the university that there might be some delay in their response time. In case students need an entry visa to get into the Netherlands, different rules apply for different countries (consulates and embassies) on how to get this organized.

      For questions, please contact the admissions officer via admissionsftmsc@nyenrode.nl and check the IND website for the latest information.

      The university is still accepting applications from both Dutch and international students, as there are no restrictions on the visa process at the moment. We can assist students with this visa process when needed.
      • Breukelen: students who enroll in the program on the campus in Breukelen can live in one of the student dorms. You don't have to submit a separate accommodation request for the Breukelen campus.
      • Amsterdam: students who wish to study in Amsterdam can apply for a studio apartment on the 'OurDomain' campus in Diemen Zuid. They can submit their request at the admissions office.
        Students are also free to find their own accommodation in the city.
      Yes, the campus is open and all students who accommodate a room in Breukelen can remain on campus.
      Students who are not able to receive their Bachelor or Master diploma before the start of the Pre-Master, but expect to obtain it before the start of the Master (January 2022), can already enroll to the program. Depending on how many Bachelor courses still need to be completed, we will evaluate if starting with the Pre-Master is possible.
      Students who are unable to travel to the Netherlands in September can contact admissionsftmsc@nyenrode.nl to discuss online alternatives for the first few courses or term.

      We are applying a blended methodology in delivering the courses. Blended learning combines online education with traditional classroom teaching. We aim to offer a combination of plenary online lectures and supervised interactive face-to-face sessions in smaller groups. Also flipped classroom methodologies, where students take center stage in preparing materials and professors devote interaction time to explaining the topics in greater depth will be applied.

      We will be closely monitoring the updates and policies of the Dutch Authorities regarding the COVID-19 and might consider making changes to the program (organizing in-person lectures in bigger groups) if the current regulations allow us to do so. We will update our students on the status of the curriculum on a frequent basis. 
      The aim is to organize assessments/exams on location. Alternatively, we will provide students with online examinations, by using an online proctoring platform.
      The workload in the Pre-Master will be 35-45 hours per week, depending on the student’s individual background and abilities. This can be divided into 20 contact hours (online and on-campus) and 20+ hours preparatory work at home or with peers (lectures, assignments, exams, and group work) per week.
      In the Pre-Master, on average, you work on individual examinations (70%) and assignments (30%) (either group or individual). Of these assignments, around 85% are individual assignments and 15% are group work.