Life in the Netherlands

Warm welcome, smooth start

Moving to a new country is exciting, but also requires a lot of preparation and time to settle in. Nyenrode is pleased to support you and make you feel welcome.


The Welcome@NBU network is made up of Nyenrode colleagues. They are volunteers and all keen to help out new international colleagues feel at home and find their way around the organization and the Netherlands. Whether it is for a nice walk in the city or helping you understand some peculiar ways of the Dutch over a cup of coffee – together you’ll make a list of activities.

Sign up here if you’re joining Nyenrode and are interested in being paired up with a fellow colleague. Our International Office will create the match and reach out to you by email to inform you of the colleague pleased to help you settle in the Netherlands. Together you will discuss how you will stay in touch, the frequency of contact and what activities you may be looking forward to.

Other Social Groups 

You’ll also find plenty of other opportunities to connect to internationals in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Some of the networks below organize free events and activities – enjoy exploring!


Melody Mast

Melody Mast

International Relations Manager