Research & Teaching

Nyenrode is strongly committed to academic research and teaching. As a business university, we bridge the gap between the academic and the business world. Our faculty members actively apply their research findings in their teaching and academic activities. In turn, input from teaching can be a valuable trigger to further enrich and enhance our research efforts. As a result, Nyenrode is making a valuable contribution to real life impact on our students and society. Several great examples are our impact cases.

International Reach

Our research exceeds national borders and often focuses on global challenges. Nyenrode therefore strongly values international collaboration and is part of a strong global network of international corporations, universities and faculties to carry out research and achieve greater impact. Besides its community of faculty members, Nyenrode welcomes visiting fellows and visiting scholars every year from across the globe.

Expertise Centers

You’ll find more information on our research (by topic, theme and faculty member) by exploring our five Expertise Centers in:


Join us

If you are interested in joining Nyenrode as a visiting fellow or visiting scholar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Center Directors or International Office. If you are interested in a long-term position, please check out our current vacancies.