Responsible leadership comes from the heart

Breakfast Session in Amsterdam

April 26 2019

On April 9 2019, the third Nyenrode Breakfast Session of academic year 2018-2019 took place at the premises on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The theme of the session was focused on responsible leadership and how to make a business model for a transformation: from a one-(wo)man consultancy service to a bigger firm while sticking to the original mission and quality of service. The keynote speech was given by Sherida Tdlohreg, change manager and Founder of TransActory and Nyenrode MSc & MBA alumna.

Tdlohreg kicked off the session with a personal introduction, how she combined being a mother and foster-mother with studying and building up her change management company TransActory. Standing still without changing and adapting is no longer an option. Transformation is. With her company, Tdlohreg advices business on formulating and implementing a future-proof vision and strategy which enables their clients to go through a digital, cultural and organizational transformation and to become a healthy eco-system.

A passion for change

Tdlohreg’s background in business administration, information science, psychology and management allow her to solve complex issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Nyenrode not only provided Tdlohreg with business knowledge but also supported in her personal development. This allowed her to look at the world from a broad perspective and become a global citizen who feels at home at many places. “You need to get to know yourself fully, both on a personal and business level, to find your added value to the fast-changing world we are living in. Nyenrode has brought me closer to myself," she says. "Now I know how to achieve sustainable changes for companies and individuals and inspire others to do the same”.

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Finding your own story

During the session students, faculty and members of the Amsterdam business community discussed their own personal leadership stories. Tdlohreg guided the groups during the discussions by asking questions on what they want to change and to inspire them to find out what they are going to bring to the world as a responsible leader. Startup in Residence Amsterdam member Niek Storm shared how his digital transformation startup fights food waste. Currently they achieve a reduction of 20% in food waste at local municipalities. Nyenrode BBA-student Tim Spoormakers shared how his startup helps refugees with a residence permit to get a job in the Netherlands. Nyenrode Full-time MBA student Nicole Kommer concluded that you can make responsible leadership more concrete by "doing good, by doing business."

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Connect heart-to-heart

The session ended with the students’ advice to Tdlohreg. They emphasized the importance to gather people around her who share her mission. To connect heart-to-heart and to grow sustainably. Tdlohreg shared she was very happy to contribute to the breakfast session and learned a lot in the process of preparing, and during the breakfast session itself.

Four times per academic year Nyenrode Amsterdam organizes inspiring Breakfast Sessions. The mission of Nyenrode is to contribute to society by developing responsible leaders and the Breakfast Sessions provide a platform for students to be inspired by responsible leaders and to discuss amongst each other what responsible leadership means to them and how they want to fulfill this as a future leader.

For participating companies these sessions provide an open platform for them to share their personal story and experience. Furthermore, it offers a unique opportunity for companies to present their business challenge to our (inter)national top students and get advice and ideas in a short time. The feedback received on these recommendations show that the companies who participated are always positively surprised about the outcomes of these short but powerful morning sessions.

While enjoying a nice breakfast, the Breakfast Sessions at Nyenrode lead to surprising meetings and interesting conversations between students and business leaders. The connection between the LES values (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship) of Nyenrode is central here. There is limited space (5 to 7 people from business and 15 students from Bachelor, Master and MBA programs). For more information please send an email to

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