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Willem Schramade
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  • Sustainable Finance
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Prof. Dr. Willem Schramade is Professor of Finance at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Centre for Corporate Reporting, Finance & TaxHis main research topics are Sustainable Finance & Sustainable Investing. Schramade is proud of completing a sustainability integrated corporate finance textbook that gives practitioners the tools to apply sustainable finance in numbers. He is energized by working with enthusiastic and creative people, together finding solutions to complex challenges.

Schramade aims to give leaders the tools that help them make investment and financing decisions for better long-term outcomes; and enable them to be good stewards of their organizations.

Schramade received a Master’s of Science in Business Economics (specialization Corporate Finance) from the Tilburg University (2000) and obtained his PhD at the Erasmus University (2006). His dissertation was titled 'Corporate Bond Issuers'.

He has worked within Finance for over 20 years, giving him extensive experience in advising national and international clients on Finance and ESG. Among others, Schamade was equity analyst for Robeco and worked as portfolio manager impact investing for NN Investment Partners (2016-2019). Also in 2022, he was appointed supervisory board member for Triodos Investment Management funds. 


He likes to do a lot of reading, cycling, hiking in the mountains and spending time with his family.

Most relevant publications

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