Jeroen Veldman appointed as Professor of Corporate Governance

February 14 2023
About Nyenrode

As of January 1, 2023, Jeroen Veldman has been appointed as Professor of Corporate Governance at Nyenrode Business University. As Professor, Veldman will conduct research into the institutional embedding of Corporate Governance. His main focus will be on the question of how laws and regulations, codes and behavior change in the context of transitions.

Veldman got his PhD in 2011 from the University of Leicester, and subsequently worked at Cardiff Business School and Bayes Business School in London. He has been affiliated with Nyenrode since 2019 and has been chairman of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute since 2022. Jeroen is also Section Editor Corporate Governance at the Journal of Business Ethics. 

Corporate Governance

With his chair, Jeroen Veldman wants to contribute to the meaning of Corporate Governance: “It is clear that we will see major changes in the way companies are governed in the coming decade. A ‘business as usual’ scenario will lead to global warming with 3.5 to 4 degrees. As this is not a workable scenario, we need to redirect investments by (institutional) investors and companies. This is the background of major changes in the institutional landscape of corporate governance in the Netherlands and in Europe. These changes also bring about shifts in law, reporting and finance.

It is likely that forerunners who are able to see the contours of that new landscape and who can successfully work within it, will be tomorrow’s winners. Recognizing the risks and opportunities in such a changing landscape requires knowledge, a clear view of long-term value creation, a clear mandate and a joint approach by entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, standard setters and governments. In my work, I map out the conditions for such an approach by starting from an interdisciplinary approach, creating a future-proof level playing field and collecting best practices.”

Sustainable Leadership

The Board & Governance programs at Nyenrode are uniquely positioned to bring the right actors together. With a focus on the core concepts of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship, Nyenrode is committed to its role as a ‘thought leader’ and an active ‘first mover’ in the field of transition management, as the ESG Innovation Institute, an initiative initiated by KPMG and Nyenrode, shows.

Serving society

With his research projects, Veldman wants to focus on further connecting science, education and practice. His chair will collaborate closely with various European research institutes. “The ultimate goal of my research is to contribute to the mission of Nyenrode: serving society by shaping responsible leaders. To this end, I want to connect academic research and knowledge from practice, to further step up the entrepreneurial behavior of professionals, boost their ability to form judgments, and to provide them tools to use in their daily practice.”

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