ESG Innovation Institute

ESG Innovation Institute

Together, we are facing a complex task: achieving a sustainable society. As a company or institution, you can no longer ignore it: your activities have an impact on people, the environment and society. The transition to sustainability means that, as an organisation, you must take responsibility for this.

Organisations that lead the way in this respect adopt the so-called ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) values and act accordingly. But how can you put this into practice? How do you deal with the rapidly changing wishes and demands of consumers, society and legislators? Do you have the right knowledge and skills? And how do you take the first steps in the transformation that is required to achieve this? This is a challenge for many organisations. This is why Nyenrode Business University and KPMG have set up the ESG Innovation Institute. The Institute combines Nyenrode's educational expertise and academic research in the field of ESG with KPMG's specialist ESG knowledge and practical experience. A cast-iron combination to accelerate the route to sustainability in a well-considered and professional manner and to make a real impact towards building a sustainable society.

About the ESG Innovation Institute

KPMG and Nyenrode have set up the ESG Innovation Institute to help organisations make the transition to sustainability. Organisations can create added value in their business operations by balancing financial and economic results, transparency, social interests and the environment. We aim to make the latest ESG knowledge, skills and ecosystem accessible to executives who want to accelerate the route to sustainability in a professional and informed way. In addition to its educational offering, the ESG Innovation Institute also includes an academic ESG chair at Nyenrode, from which research, scientific publications and opinion and debate take place. By building and harnessing a community within the ESG Innovation Institute, we want to start a movement among business leaders – to inspire them and facilitate innovative, sustainable and responsible leadership.

The initiators of the ESG Innovation Institute are Jessica Peters-Hondelink, Nyenrode Business University and Esther van Zeggeren, KPMG.


The ESG Innovation Institute offers a number of programs to deliberately and professionally accelerate the route to sustainability. These are continuously supplemented with the most current themes in the market.


The latest ESG knowledge and insights to transform your organization and be able to increase your positive impact on people, planet and society. This is a custom program for KPMG partners and their clients.


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Tineke Lambooy laag_LOWRES A sustainable economy starts with business leaders

A sustainable economy starts with business leaders

Opinion |  May 11 2023
Since December 2022, there is a new Corporate Governance Code in place. This Code states that business leaders are responsible for sustainable long-term value creation and that companies must draw up policies for diversity and inclusion. Tineke Lambooy, Professor of Corporate Law at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, explains how business leaders can embed ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) values in their strategy.
Yulia Levashova nieuwsbericht_LOWRES How to start embedding human rights in your business

How to start embedding human rights in your business

Opinion |  April 18 2023
There is an urgency to incorporate human rights policy into your business operations, as stated by Yulia Levashova, Assistant professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Besides a moral duty to take good care of your employees and ensure that your company respect human rights, it also makes a ‘good business sense.’
Castle in the sun Transition to sustainability requires an innovative mindset

Transition to sustainability requires an innovative mindset

Opinion |  April 13 2023
To support organizations in the transition to sustainability, Nyenrode Business Universiteit and KPMG jointly founded the ESG Innovation Institute. Dr. Jeroen van der Velden and Prof. Jeff Gaspersz are both connected to this institute and explain how innovation contributes to business transformation.
René P. Orij portret 2019 laag Sustainability reporting: from exceptional to mainstream

Sustainability reporting: from exceptional to mainstream

Research |  March 8 2023
Until a few years ago, corporate transparency about their activities and their impact on society and the environment was still exceptional and non-committal. However, sustainability reporting is now for many companies a mandatory part of accounting for what they do, and has become common good. René Orij, who recently was appointed as full professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, has conducted important research in this area.
René P. Orij René Orij appointed Professor of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

René Orij appointed Professor of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

About Nyenrode |  March 1 2023
Today, René Orij was appointed as Professor of Corporate Sustainability Reporting at Nyenrode Business University. "With my future research, I want to hold up a mirror to companies and accountants: think about the importance of transparency about sustainability."
Jeroen Veldman Five issues for ESG

Five issues for ESG

Education |  February 17 2023
ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) dominates discussions in the boardroom. The reason for the growing importance attached to ESG is that it will significantly affect the landscape in which companies and boards operate.
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KPMG and Nyenrode are also jointly setting up an ESG chair as well as developing a study program, research, scientific publications, and organizing network and other meetings. The idea is to start a movement among managers and other professionals by inspiring them and facilitating innovative sustainable leadership. This way, they will soon have at their disposal the latest knowledge and skills needed to make companies future-proof on their way to a sustainable economy. This will require a great deal of innovation and collaboration in ecosystems.

As soon as more is known about the chair, we will let you know here.

Jessica Peters-Hondelink MA MPIM
Director Customized Executive Education Nyenrode Business Universiteit
I believe that we as leaders can make a difference by putting ESG in the heart of organizations and integrating it in every decision we make. We can realize real necessary innovation and transformation if we work together in eco-systems. But how? Therefore we as Nyenrode partner up with KPMG in the ESG innovation Institute: to build a community of leaders where we share academic knowledge, practical experience and personal challenges and learn about how to lead ESG business transformation.
Esther van Zeggeren Msc MBA
Director at KPMG
“Companies face a major sustainability challenge. With the ESG Innovation Institute, we are launching an inspiring movement among the administrative authorities in the Netherlands. For leadership development towards a sustainable economy.”