The Nyenrode Incubator

The Nyenrode Incubator is located in Amsterdam to support entrepreneurs from the very first creative aspirations to the initial market validation of impactful ventures. It does so by developing a community of eager entrepreneurs with direct connection to the knowledge and network of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. 

At its core, the Nyenrode Incubator is proof of what we teach at our university, putting our money where our mouth is, and of the inspiration that we bring to each other and society at large. It may be considered a stepping-stone for early-stage ventures to support their growth mindset and grow startups. The hands-on experiences of how to organize, of what breeds success and of resilience, of getting up after serious setbacks is what the community shares and how it also contributes to various educational programs in Breukelen and Amsterdam. 

The Incubator contributes to Nyenrode's mission of “serving society by shaping responsible leaders”. The community consists of multiple startups, at various venture development stages and active in different markets, yet all share the drive and perseverance to be successful and contribute to society. 

The Nyenrode Incubator is established around three values: an innovative mindset, respect for stakeholders and responsible leadership. These values reinforce the shared visions from our entrepreneurs to truly have a positive societal impact. 

The Incubator is an essential continuation of our entrepreneurial heritage at Nyenrode Business Universiteit and support of our aim to deliver transformative education, by: 

  • Inspiring: Inspire Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. 

  • Connecting: Leverage our strong ties with alumnae. 

  • Educating: Contribute to various programs. 

Transformatief onderwijs

And we have successes to celebrate, as learning experience for our Nyenrodians and as recognized market success. Some of our Nyenrode Incubator alumnae: