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SPO Nyenrode is located on the 24th floor of the World Trade Center in The Hague. SPO is the trainer of the pension sector and has been part of Nyenrode Business University since September 2022. Our office is located in the heart of policy-making Netherlands, close to various ministries, employers' and employees' organisations. With a modern look, open spaces, meeting rooms and self-working spaces, not to mention a beautiful view, this is a great place to work and meet each other.

THE trainer of the pension sector

We believe that making knowledge and expertise in the pension sector immediately accessible and applicable is essential. Only in this way can people and organizations continuously learn from each other and therefore perform optimally in a continuously changing environment. We aim to create sustainable added value for yourself, your organization and society.

The pension sector is a sector that is in full swing and faces three major transitions: digitization, sustainability and the transition to a new pension system. We contribute to the development of responsible directors and pension professionals to lead those transitions. We do this by providing transformative, scientific and practice-oriented education, combined with the realization of demonstrable social and scientific impact.

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