The daily management of the university is in the hands of the University Board, presided over by the Rector Magnificus. in addition to him, the CFO (Vice-President) and Vice-Rector (member) also serve on the University Board.


For questions to the board you can contact Marianne Lammers, Secretary University Board.


Prof. dr. Koen Becking MPA

Chair University Board & Rector Magnificus

Remmelt Vetkamp, MSc

Vice-Chair University Board

Nyenrode Foundation


Nyenrode Business Universiteit is not only a university but also a business. The statutory name is Nyenrode B.V. The Nyenrode Foundation owns one hundred percent of its shares, as well as the castle and the 60 hectare estate.

Nyenrode Foundation Board

  • Drs Petri Hofsté RA (chair)
  • Jan Bernard Nolst Trenité MBA
  • Mr Jeroen van den Biggelaar LL.M.
  • Drs Geert-Jan Poorthuis
  • Prof Dr Mr Paul van der Heijden LL.M.
  • Drs Doede Vierstra RC

The board is assisted by Prisco Battes (secretary).

Annual Report Nyenrode Foundation

Annual Report SNB 2020-2021

ANBI policy plan

ANBI Policy Plan Foundation Nyenrode 2019-2022




Marianne Lammers

Secretary University Board