The daily management of the university is in the hands of the University Board, presided over by the Rector Magnificus. in addition to him, the CFO (Vice-President) and Vice-Rector (member) also serve on the University Board.


For questions to the board you can contact Marianne LammersSecretary University Board.

David Voetelink

David Voetelink

Vice-Chair University Board a.i.

Nyenrode Foundation


Nyenrode Business Universiteit is not only a university but also a business. The statutory name is Nyenrode B.V. The Nyenrode Foundation owns one hundred percent of its shares, as well as the castle and the 60 hectare estate.


Nyenrode Foundation Board

Jeroen van den Biggelaar

Mr. Jeroen van den Biggelaar LL.M.

Member Foundation Board
Paul van der Heijden

Prof. dr. mr. Paul van der Heijden LL.M.

Member Foundation Board
Jan Bernard Nolst Trenité

Jan Bernard Nolst Trenité MBA

Member Foundation Board

Prof. mr. Hélène Vletter-van Dort

Member Foundation Board
Geert-Jan Poorthuis

Drs. Geert-Jan Poorthuis

Member Foundation Board
Doede Vierstra

Drs. Doede Vierstra RC

Member Foundation Board

The board is assisted by

Prisco Battes




Marianne Lammers

Secretary University Board