Staff Mobility

We encourage staff mobility

At Nyenrode you can enjoy various possibilities for incoming and outgoing international staff mobility, such as one-on-one job shadowing, participation in a summer school or staff training week.

Staff mobility is highly encouraged as it is a great way of developing yourself professionally. It enables you to gain new knowledge and insights from international counterparts. It places your own work and work environment in a different perspective.

Nyenrode has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and is an active participant of the Erasmus+ program up to 2027.


The Erasmus+ program offers funding for training and teaching.

This funding possibility is available if you would like to join a training to gain knowledge or new insights. These possibilities include participation in a language course, summer school, international staff training week or 1-on-1 job shadowing. 
Are you a lecturer? Then you are eligible for an Erasmus+ Teaching grant if the teaching takes place at an institution with which Nyenrode has a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement. For more information on our valued network of partners, please refer to our partner overview.


For both the Erasmus+ Staff Training and the Teaching grant  you are required to commit to a stay of 2 and a maximum of 60 days (excluding travel days). For teaching, a requirement of a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week is applies. This minimum also applies to stays of less than a week.

The teaching grant is furthermore only available for teaching at an institution with which Nyenrode has a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement.


The Erasmus+ grants include a fixed amount for travel compensation and a daily allowance for expenses. Please contact the international office if you have further questions.


See here for a step-by-step explanation on how to set up a staff mobility.

More information 

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the International Office.


Manon de Ruijter

International Relations Officer