Research with Impact: Educational Innovation

Impact cases

At Nyenrode, we understand Educational Innovation (blended learning) as ‘A synergetic combination of various pedagogical methods complemented with online and offline tools and techniques, to enhance the learning experience of the students, while improving the quality and efficiency of the teaching process.’

Education is at the core of Nyenrode’s operations, and we continuously strive to improve and introduce innovations into our courses and programs such as blended learning initiatives that combine face-to-face and online activities. 

Nyenrode’s learning philosophy is: LESs teaching, more learning & development, which includes the LES-values and throughout we use the Head (cognitive development), Heart (personal & social development) and Hands (professional & academic development) approach. 

Our Educational Innovation impact cases span a wide range from (new) textbooks to the use of a variety of blended learning tools, cases, and techniques in degree and executive education, and ultimately the way in which we have redesigned the Thesis projects for our degree students.  

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