Nyenrode Scholarship Fund

On this page you will find information regarding the Nyenrode Scholarship Fund, the types of scholarships and the ways in which you can donate.

Nyenrode Business University considers it its social responsibility to form students into responsible leaders. Scholarships are necessary to offer talented students, who do not have the financial means, the opportunity to study at Nyenrode. Furthermore, responsible leaders are best formed in an international, inclusive, and diverse environment. For this reason, Nyenrode would like to welcome both Dutch and international students who bring different experiences, knowledge, and insights, to the university. 


Anouk Reitsma

Anouk Reitsma


The Nyenrode Scholarship Fund supports talented and driven students to study at Nyenrode. The Nyenrode Foundation has a long tradition of providing scholarships to talented students who are unable to afford the (full) costs of their education.

Thanks to the various scholarships offered by the Scholarship Fund, which was launched in honor of Nyenrode's 75th anniversary, Nyenrode can offer both Dutch and international talented students, who do not have the financial means to study at Nyenrode, the opportunity to develop into future leaders.

Your contribution

With your contribution, you support:

Regular scholarships

 For students who need additional financial support beyond their own financial means to study at Nyenrode, Nyenrode offers the regular scholarships for students. These scholarships vary in amount, as the financial need varies per student.

International scholarships 

This scholarship is specially designed for talented international students who wish to pursue a BScBA (3-year program) or an MSc (16 months including pre-master) at Nyenrode. Nyenrode offers this scholarship to lower the threshold for international students to come and study at Nyenrode.

Impact Scholarship  

This scholarship is specifically for students for whom Nyenrode is unattainable without obtaining a (full) scholarship, often students from disadvantaged families or refugees. We would like to give these students a chance to study at Nyenrode. In addition, through their background, experiences, and different perspectives these students contribute to a more diverse student population. 

All amounts are welcome and will be added to the Nyenrode Scholarship Fund. Until a financial amount is achieved that can make a scholarship possible for a student.

Named Fund

From € 50,000 there is the possibility to establish a Named Fund to which you can connect your own name and objective, within the objectives of the Nyenrode Scholarship Fund. 

Periodic Grant Agreement

Would you like to support scholarships at Nyenrode Business Universiteit for a longer period in a fiscally beneficial way? Then donate by means of a periodic gift. In a donation agreement with the Nyenrode Foundation, you agree to make an annual donation. The advantage of periodic donations is that they are fully tax-deductible if they are made for at least five years. 

To make a periodic donation and to be able to deduct it from your income tax, it is a legal requirement to enter into a so-called Periodic Donation Agreement. You can fill out the agreement yourself and send it to us. You can find the agreement on this page. 

Scholarships open doors

Rodny Stolk

Beurs van 1976, BSc in Business Administration
I think it is valuable to receive appreciation.
SNF - 2018 - portret Elyas Razawi_verkleind

Elyas Razawi

Beurs van 1976, BSc in Business Administration
There are so many people who have helped me selflessly.

Ilke Helendoorn

Beurs van 1958, MSc in Management
It's not just about your studies, but also about campus life.

Passing on happiness

Alexander Roepers

AFNU Beurs Rika Zaat

"I was very fortunate that it all went so well as it did. Of course, perseverance and knowledge are important for success, but a portion of luck as well. And that kind of luck, in this case through a scholarship, is what I want to pass on to talented young people who can use it. I too benefited greatly from the generosity of others."