Historical Gate

Historical Gate

The impressive gate to the Nijenrode estate dates back to around 1680. The castle and estate had been the property of Johan Ortt I, a cloth merchant from Amsterdam, since 1675. The Ortt family remained the owner of Nijenrode until the middle of the nineteenth century.

Coat of arms

Around the year 1750, the coats of arms of the Ortt and Huydecoper families were added to the sandstone vases; the one with the red lion is the Ortt family coat of arms. Johan Ortt III married Adriana Huydecoper in 1749. Her coat of arms features a silver eagle on the left, a silver star in the top-right corner, three black ox skulls below that and a jumping dog at the bottom.


After Adriana Huydecoper died, Johan Ortt III remarried Dorothea Wijnanda Eyck in 1763. The cast-iron side wings of the gate feature the monograms for Ortt (O) and Eyck (E).


Between approx. 1860 and 1916, the monumental gate stood at the location of the current Gate Building. The exit gate and foundations were restored in 2017. Nyenrode received the Bronzen Troffel prize for best renovation project from the Municipality of Stichtse Vecht.


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