Academic Brown Bag Presentations

The Academic Brown Bag Presentations (ABBPs) are organized for faculty members who would like to share their research projects with their peers in a friendly environment. The ABBP team also hosts inspiring non-Nyenrodians (including guest lecturers and visiting researchers) to present their academic research and expertise.

In doing so, the ABBP helps presenters:

  • to receive valuable feedback (perhaps prior to a journal submission),
  • to practice an upcoming presentation at an academic conference,
  • to rehearse an upcoming dissertation defense,
  • to keep the research project moving forward (nothing better than a deadline!), and,
  • to get in touch with relevant people in/outside Nyenrode Business Universiteit (the audience and their network).

Attendants are invited to discuss, question, and suggest possible avenues for improvement, as well as bring up relevant theories, contacts, etcetera.


  • 16 October 2023 – Çigdem Vural: “Corporate environmental performance and oil price uncertainty
  • 16 November 2023 – Rosalien van 't Foort-Diepeveen: “Female representation at the Corporate Top
  • 6 December 2023 – Max Berre: “Machine Learning and Entrepeneurial Finance
  • 16 January 2024 – Sacha Spoor [in Dutch]: “De rol van vertrouwenspersonen bij de Nederlandse overheid

Currently, the meetings take place online via Microsoft Teams.

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Interested in our lunch presentations? Please contact Herman van Brenk to register as a speaker or participant.