Mastering digital business #LifeasaNyenrodian

November 3 2017

'Everything around us is getting digitized from online shopping to having online lectures. We, as students of Nyenrode Business Universiteit, are part of this changing society and are dealing with new developments every day. We are curious about how are we going to prepare ourselves as future business leaders in this digital society.

Nyenrode currently offers the Digital Business course to Master (MSc) in Management students as an elective course. This course is meant for enthusiastic students to improve their knowledge about digital business and to help them succeed in this field after they graduate from Nyenrode. From 2018 onwards, Digital Business & Innovation will become a complete track (specialization) of the program.

Since this elective is designed and executed by students, it is way different than other electives. It uses an integral view on digital business and students explore different perspectives on the topic such as: Big Data, Blockchain, Digital Customer, Digital Business Models, Digital Transformation and Digital Society.

We get practical insights in the digital business world and even got help from IT consultancy firms. During the first lecture, the Big Data team got help from Data Science Lab, a young consultancy firm that focuses on data and technology solutions. Joost Afman and Albert de Roos invited some students at their office in Amsterdam. Together they prepared an interesting business case from different companies like IAK Verzekeringen, Blue Orange Group and APG. Furthermore, Data Science Lab gave an Data Science masterclass which led to some interesting group discussions.

After six sessions, we got to know more about the digital business world and the challenges we will face as future business leaders. This way, we know what to expect and how to prepare ourselves to become successful in our careers after Nyenrode.'

By Martine Wagenaar, Sarah Borgdorff, Irene Derckx, Tano van der Heijden, Jimmy Ramsteijn.

Big Data Team, Digital Business Course 2017.

Digital Business

Doing a Master or starting your career? At Nyenrode, you can do both! Learn more about the Full-time Master (MSc) in Management and the new Digital Business & Innovation track.

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