75 years

The current academic year is a very special year for Nyenrode: we celebrate our 75th anniversary, in the Netherlands also known as our 15th ‘lustrum’! Ever since 1946, we have been ‘A Reward for Life’ for Nyenrodians all over the world – which is why that is also the theme of our lustrum.

In the time to come, we celebrate our lustrum with various elements which can be found on this web page. This is also the page on which our alumni will share their stories with us, including the impact Nyenrode has had on their personal and professional lives.

The 2021-2022 academic year is not only the year of looking back on the past. It is also the year in which we look ahead at the future, with a focus on strategic ambitions. This means for example the realization of social and scientific impact and the offering of outstanding scientific, practical oriented and transformative education – a life long. That is how we contribute in a meaningful way to our students, scientists, the business community, and society.

Updates will be posted here regularly over the next period. So, keep a close eye on the website for our latest lustrum news. 


Heleen van Hall

Head of Alumni and External Relations

Heleen den Hertog

Senior Program Coordinator

Lustrum logo

The Lustrum logo is based on the Coat of Arms of Nyenrode. The Coat of Arms consists of four parts (Quarters), each of which is divided into 6 and 12 bars. The stars are inspired by this division, plus a wreath of a 75-pointed star, which of course refers to the anniversary.