Reopening Poortgebouw (Gatehouse)

On November 18th, 2021, Nyenrode Business University officially reopened the Poortgebouw. Dating from 1916, the gate serves as an entrance to its estate in Breukelen. The foundation of the monumental building has been reinforced this year to prevent further subsidence. The Fonds Erfgoedparels (Heritage Pearls Fund) of the province of Utrecht has made an important contribution to the restoration. Hans Oosters, King's Commissioner in the province of Utrecht, symbolically reopens the gate today by unveiling a historic ANWB sign. The Prince Bernard Cultuur Fonds also contributed to the restoration.

During the ceremony, a video was shown about the restoration of both the Poortgebouw and the exit gate. Cor van Zadelhof was in the lead and emphasized the importance of historic real estate in the region.