Possibilities of the new EU mobility program Erasmus+ for students and staff of Nyenrode.


Erasmus+ is the new mobility program of the European Union for students and staff of educational institutes. The objective of Erasmus+ is to promote international cooperation through the mobility of students and staff. Erasmus+ will run from 2014 to 2020, and follows on from Erasmus LLL, which ran from 2007-2013.

Key Action areas in Erasmus+

Erasmus+ has three Key Action areas:

  • KA1 – Learning mobility of individuals. Mobility of students (studying and traineeships) and staff (training, teaching)
  • KA2 - Participation with other institutions, such as strategic partnerships, school partnerships, knowledge alliances and alliances for sector-specific skills, IT platforms and capacity building.
  • KA3 - Development of strategic concepts, such as strengthening concrete policy and the exchange of best practices.

Further information on the mobility of students and staff (KA1) is available. Would you like to know more about KA2 and KA3? Contact Gerrit Hemink.