Questions & Answers for BBA students currently studying in London

  • What is Nyenrodes stand on the continuation of my study at Westminster University in London?
    Based on the latest insights in the current developments of the coronavirus in London, Nyenrode advises to stop attending lectures at the University of Westminster as per now. 

    Keep working on preparation for lectures and finish assignments as scheduled at home the upcoming week. The University of Westminster announced that as a measure against the further spreading of the coronavirus all lectures will be given online per 23 March:
  • What if these measures impact my study progress?
    With the online lectures being planned as per March 23rd Nyenrode does not expect students to fall behind. If you need advice or help, please contact program management via 
  • Should I leave London and come back to the Netherlands?
    Discuss with your parents or caretakers if you feel more comfortable to come back to Holland. Keep yourself updated about possible travel restrictions given by the UK and Dutch government. 
  • Can I take my exams in the Netherlands?
    We are looking into this option. Keep in mind that due to the measures taken in the Netherlands it may not be possible to take exams at the Amsterdam location. We are looking into po As soon as we have clarity about the possibilities, we will communicate this to the students.
  • What does Nyenrode do for my health and safety in London?
    Nyenrode advises you to continue your studies at home, away from crowds and avoid close contact with other people. Take the following precautionary measures into consideration:
    Wash your hands regularly (there are now instructions on the toilets)
    Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
    Use tissue paper
    Do not shake hands

    The current times are remarkable and uncertain. With your personal leadership, and the help of the Nyenrode community, we will get through this together. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact at any time.
  • Will I be able to leave should London or the UK go in lockdown or close for travel?
    In case this will happen, comply to the government rules and advise. Stay in your apartment and discuss with your landlord an extension of your rent. If you have no place to stay, contact program management. We will help you to find a place to stay during the lockdown. 

    I have rented accommodation until a specific day. What will happen if I get quarantined, and my accommodation rental contract ends? Like with the travel ban in Italy, you should be able to leave since there is no time limit on the term for foreigners to leave.
  • What will happen if the University of Westminster closes? What will education and examination look like?
    The lecturers are preparing for online teaching on blackboard.
  • What are the consequences if I am not able to attend classes and/or examinations due to travel restrictions between NL and UK?
    The lecturers are preparing for online teaching on blackboard.
  • What will happen if I cannot travel from Netherlands to the United Kingdom for my exams due to non-travel advise? Could exams take place in Amsterdam then?
    In that case you will be doing assessments and exams via blackboard.