Academic event

Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

May 16 2022, 3:00 PM
May 16 2022, 7:00 PM
There are 100 spots available
Nyenrode Business Universiteit - Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 285
1016 ED Amsterdam

The second lustrum Theme Day:  “Artificial Intelligence & Ethics” will provide you with more insight into the design and deployment of Artificial Intelligence and the relevant ethical principles, dilemmas and moral values: such as respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, fairness, transparency, explain-ability, and accountability.

Questions to be answered

  • Artificial Intelligence is a moving train that can’t be stopped: All software will include AI and even be written by AI! And if so, how do you make the moral trade-off and which perverse algorithms are quickly sneaking into AI?
  • Human-centered artificial intelligence: is there a method to deal with ethical issues in design processes? And how do we build technology that respects human values?
  • How can we ensure and verify that an AI system actually respects ethical values?
  • Can AI technology be designed, deployed and managed so that it contributes to an inclusive labor market, and so to a more inclusive society?
  • How do IT departments in organizations need to be changed in order to adapt to the requirements of ethical AI?

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence & Ethics during this lustrum theme day on May 16th, 2022! 

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As the event is free of charge, we would very much appreciate a contribution to Nyenrode Fund.


3.25PM - 3.35PM
Welcome & Opening 2nd Lustrum Theme Day - hosted by Jessica Peters-Hondelink

3.35PM - 3.50PM
Keynote speaker Artificial Intelligence: Jan Veldsink MSc - core lecturer in AI and Cyber at Nyenrode Business University

3.50PM - 3.55PM
Questions & Answers

3.55PM - 4.10PM
Keynote speaker Guidelines to develop and apply (new) technology from the perspective of stimulating inclusivity in the labor market Jan van de Venis LL.M.

4.10PM - 4.15PM
Questions & Answers

4.15PM - 4.25PM

4.25PM - 4.55PM
Keynote speaker Ethics: Prof. Dr. Ronald Jeurissen - Professor of Business Ethics at Nyenrode Business University
Introduction Dealing with dilemma's: Prof. Dr. Ronald Jeurissen - Professor of Business Ethics at Nyenrode Business University

4.55PM - 5.20PM
Dealing with dilemma's

5.20PM - 5.30PM
Questions & Answers (Mentimeter)

5.30PM - 5.45PM
Plenary discussion speakers and participants

5.45PM - 6PM
Surprise; Wrap-up & closing