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Roadshow Munich: 6 March 2020 - Personal Information Sessions

March 6 2020, 7:00 PM


Interested in a study or career in the Netherlands?

Discover Nyenrode Business University in Munich and schedule a personal information session with one of our Program Advisors.

6 March 2020
Availability: 19.00 - 21.00 hrs (choose your time slot later)
Location: Holiday Inn Stadtzentrum: Hochstraße 3, 81669 Munich, Germany

Personal Information Session

 During the personal information sessions you can learn more about:
  • Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: 3 year intensive program aimed at your leadership development. Our bachelor offers a unique combination of academic business knowledge, practical relevance, and personal development (based on our Breukelen campus and in Amsterdam). 
  • Our Full-time Master (MSc) in Management:16-month academic master including a pre-master and three program tracks.
  • Our Full-time MBA: one-year program based in Amsterdam and focused on Europe, with company visits in cities like Prague, Munich / Bologna, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Valencia.
  • Our Executive MBA: focused on your leadership development and allowing you to work in Germany while studying in the Netherlands.
  • The application procedure.
  • Exclusive scholarship opportunities for German talents.


A few business days after registering for the personal information session, you'll receive an email asking you to choose a time slot. Please make sure to do so in order for our Program Advisor to complete your registration.

About Nyenrode: building bridges since 1946

In the Netherlands, we understand the importance of bridges. They connect and unite us and make business and trade possible. The thousands of bridges crossing Dutch waters were built by determined entrepreneurs and progressive forerunners. Responsible leaders who knew how to build a sustainable future.

At Nyenrode Business Universiteit, we have been educating enterprising bridge builders for over 70 years.

  • People who dare to grow.
  • People who understand that theory and practice go hand in hand.
  • People who connect.

We believe that a solid foundation can push everyone to great heights. This foundation can be found at Nyenrode, in both Amsterdam and Breukelen. We combine academic theory, practical relevance and personal development, so you can work on building a successful career.

Whether you are looking for personal or professional growth or your next step, the knowledge of generations of bridge builders can help you in all directions. We are there for each other and consider it our duty to train our students and participants to be sensible and considerate leaders.

Our pillars

  • Connected for life
  • A place where worlds come together
  • Personal development for responsible leaders


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