Expertise center

Financial Reporting & Tax

Our mission

Nyenrode's Center for Financial Reporting & Tax studies and teaches corporate financial reporting and tax issues. Our faculty contributes to the Accountancy, Controlling and Master in Fiscal Law curriculums, as well as the open (customized) Executive Education and Organizational Development programs.

Our activities

We provide you with classes teaching you the following skills:

  • Composing, analyzing and assessing and interim financial annual accounts.
  • Composing management reports and takeover balances.

Additionally, the Center for Financial Reporting & Tax informs you about accounting theory and products of relevant scientific research. Finally, we give classes on bookkeeping.


All of our courses have a core task force responsible for the curriculum and exams. The actual classes are taught by freelance teachers and examiners. In total, we partner with about 160 teachers and examiners.

Master in Fiscal Law (Program in Dutch)

This program provides you with a unique combination of theory, practice and personal development. We train you to become a consummate fiscal-legal professional.

Nyenrode's Master in Fiscal Law is based on three pillars: Fiscal law Tax Assurance Soft skills based on our core values Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship

Our research

Our goal is conducting relevant research on the fields of financial accounting, corporate financial reporting, integrated reporting and tax. Public debate and the agenda of (international) standard setters, governing and oversight bodies determine our choice of subjects. Our research is aimed at publications in (inter)national scientific journals. We highly value student participation in our research projects.

Linking research and education

We strongly believe in linking research and education, thus continuously improving our courses.

Research topics

Our research focuses on the following topics:

  • Capital Markets Based Accounting Research.
  • Links between Finance, Governance and Financial Reporting.
  • Creative Accounting.
  • Corporate Financial Reporting and Investment Analysts.
  • Relationship between Auditor and Corporate Financial Reporting.
  • Tax Accounting.
  • Corporate Financial Reporting of small and medium-sized entities
  • Sustainability Reporting.
  • Integrated Reporting.

Faculty members

Prof. mr. dr. Philippe Albert

  • International Tax Law

Prof. dr. Robert Beeres

  • Performance Management
  • Defence
  • Burden Sharing

Dr. Ferdy van Beest

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Accounting Theory
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Accounting Standards
  • Accounting Experiment
  • Securities Regulations and Enforcement

Prof. mr. dr. Arco Bobeldijk

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Fiscal Law

Prof. dr. Roland Brandsma

  • International and Domestic Tax Issues

Prof. dr. Gijs van Bussel

  • Human Resource Management
  • Executive Pay

Prof. dr. Ton Daniels

  • Taxation of Financial Institutions

Prof. dr. Henk Langendijk

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Governance

Dr. René P. Orij

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Accounting Theory
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Corporate Social Reporting

Dr. ir. Frans Schaepkens RC EMFC

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Healthcare Industry

Prof. mr. dr. Lisette van der Hel - van Dijk RA

  • Governance
  • Tax
  • International Coorperation

Prof. dr. Ruud Vergoossen RA

  • Financial Accounting

Prof. dr. Rudolf de Vries

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Tax Law
  • Fiscal Group Law