Dr. Hilco van Elten

Associate Professor
Hilco van Elten
  • Thesis coordinator Financial Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Financial Management

Dr. Hilco van Elten Is Associate Professor of Financial Management at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax

Van Elten is an experienced researcher in the field of management accounting & financial management, both for his own (primarily quantitative) research projects as well as with involved in and/or supervision of large research projects. Throughout his career, Van Elten advised over 100 students with their thesis project.

His love for research methods and philosophy of science lead him to design, coordinate and teach courses in research methodology for multiple universities (Nyenrode, University of Groningen, Open University, Ede Christian University of Applied Science, and Erasmus University Rotterdam) for students of all levels (bachelor, master, PhD). Van Elten rejoined Nyenrode as Associate Professor of Financial Management.

Secondary positions

  • Daily supervisor of two PhD students in Healthcare Management

Most relevant publications

  • (With S. Sülz, R. Wehrens and E. van Raaij) "Big data healthcare innovations - performance dashboarding as a process of collective sense-making" Journal of Medical Internet Research doi.org/10.2196/30201 (2022)
  • (With I. de Loo and F.F.J.M. Schaepkens) "Managing the Performance of Value Based Healthcare: Insights and Recommendations" (working paper) 
  • (With E. Zwaagstra-Salvado and E. van Raaij) "The Linkages between Reimbursement and Prevention: a Mixed-Methods Approach" Frontiers in Public Health doi.org/ 10.3389/fpubh.2021.750122 (2021)
  • (With S. Sülz and B. van der Kolk) “Performance Measurement in Dutch Hospitals: Exploring Use and Performance Effects amongst Medical and Business Managers” Health Care Management Review Volume 46 - Issue 3 - p 217-226 doi.org/10.1097/ HMR.0000000000000261 (2021)
  • (with S.K. Widener and R.F. Speklé) “Creativity and Control: A Paradox. Evidence from the Levers of Control Framework” Behavioral Research in Accounting, (fall 2017). doi.org/10.2308/bria-51759.