Wilbert Snoei MSc RA

PhD Researcher
Wilbert Snoei
  • Academic Research in Accountancy
  • Supervising Thesis
  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Advanced Auditing
Science and practice are mutually needed to develop

Wilbert Snoei MSc RA is researcher at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Accounting, Auditing & Control. In his research, he focuses on a better insight in audit methodologies, the role of materiality in those audit methodologies, and the auditor’s professional judgment therein.

After graduating from secondary school, Snoei started his career at accountancy firm Visser & Visser. He also followed a part-time study program at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. After becoming a registered accountant and in addition to his work as a public accountant, he started his teaching activities at Nyenrode, including the supervision of bachelors and masters during the writing of their thesis and program examination.

He also teaches the courses Auditing Theory and Advanced Research in Accounting (ARIA). Within the Advanced Auditing (ADVA) group, he has been appointed chair of the core group, shaping professional innovations and their implementation, working together with the core group and colleagues of Program Management. 

Because Snoei wants to contribute to a better understanding of the considerations auditors have to make, he has started a doctoral research project at Nyenrode focusing on the role of materiality in auditing and the considerations of auditors. With his experience in both accountancy practice and scientific research, he aims to bridge the gap between these two worlds. Wilbert believes that scientific research benefits from practical experience and that audit practice can learn from scientific insights to achieve high quality auditing.

Combining science at Nyenrode and practice as an external auditor at Visser & Visser gives him a lot of energy.

Secondary positions

  • Director Audit at Visser & Visser, where he is responsible for the Audit Department and international audits.
  • Lecturer at the SRA, giving courses on auditing and data analytics.


Working as a PhD researcher and as an external accountant leaves little time for hobbies. Going out for drinks and dinner with his partner and friends is the ultimate relaxation for Snoei. He also enjoys traveling to clients and going to conferences. Netflix is always a great source of visual relaxation.

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