High impact action learning

Learning methods

We use a range of learning methods in our programs. For example:

  • Co-creation with all stakeholders: A customized solution is actually a temporary 'organization' in which (all) stakeholders learn together. For instance, we can group together managers and employees, or customers and suppliers in order to learn with and from each other.
  • Working in practice: Entrepreneurship, leadership and cooperation are not only developed by listening to and learning from inspiring stories. The program has to be its own example, making the desired behavior and changes visible as we go.
  • Actorship: We count on the participants' input. You are not merely responsible for your own learning, but also for that of your fellow participants.
  • Integration of head, heart and hands: We strive for a good balance between head (knowledge), heart (values and emotions) and hands (acting) in all of our programs. The exact balance depends on the program's goals.
  • High-Impact Action Learning: Action Learning revolves around learning and reflecting on the process. Colleagues are each other's sounding board, and what is learnt is put into practice. We look at what makes you tick, and whether this matches your organization's intentions.
  • Blended Learning: Our Blended Learning approach comprises a flexible program with virtual and physical moments of contact. Think of coaching, forums, webinars, practical classes, and classes and meetings at Nyenrode.
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Our Appreciative Inquiry researches what goes well and what could be better within your organization. This enables the organization to renew and (continue to) develop.