SPSS Statistics uses log4j. While the chances of unauthorized activity may seem slim, we would like to emphasize that fixes are available to avoid the risk and urge you to install them as soon as possible.

Information and fixes for SPSS Statistics:

The fixes are only available for supported versions and always apply to the most recent level per version. You may need to upgrade to a supported version or the most recent level first. You will also find information per product here.




You can buy a SPSS Statistics license for a discount price of €2,75 at www.surfspot.nl

To buy the license, follow these steps:
1. Go to www.surfspot.nl
2. On the top of the page, choose ‘Nyenrode Business Universiteit’
4. You will now be sent to the Nyenrode Federate server, use your Nyenrode credentials to logon.
4. Go to Software -> Statistiek & Analyse.
5. Choose category ‘SPSS’
6. Purchase the license (Serienummer voor verlenging IBM SPSS Statistics) for your operating system that matches the system requirements.

Download the matching software from this page:

Windows   : SPSS27 (64-Bit)

Mac           : SPSS27

Older version

Windows : SPSS25 (32-Bit)

                   SPSS25 (64-Bit)

Mac         : SPSS25 (not suitable for Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or macOS Big Sur 11.0)

Please note:
IBM SPSS Statistics can and may be installed twice with the included Authorization Code.
The product can either be installed on 2 computers or on 1 computer so that a reinstallation of IBM SPSS Statistics can be performed at a later time..

In case you need help you can contact the Nyenrode ICT Helpdesk.




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