To install SPSS25 or SPSS23, you need a personal license which can be bought for 2 or 3 euros on www.surfspot.nl. Please note that you need to buy an license extension and download the version of SPSS below, not from the Surfspot website.

To buy the license, follow these steps:
1. Go to www.surfspot.nl.
2. On the top of the page, on the right, click on the drop-down menu 'inloggen'.
3. Select the 'inloggen' button under VMBO, HBO en WO
4. You wil now be sent to the Nyenrode Federate server, use your Nyenrode credentials to logon.
4. Go to Software -> Statistiek & Analyse.
5. In the middle of the screen, search for the right version of SPSS and select the "Serienummer voor verlening" matching you SPSS version.
6. Follow the steps untill the transaction is completed.

Once you have a license you can download SPSS25 or SPSS23 from the student portal or below.

Installation Manual

Windows   : SPSS25 (32-Bit)
                    SPSS25 (64-Bit)
Mac           : SPSS25

Older version
Windows : SPSS23 (32-Bit)
                 SPSS23 (64-Bit)
Mac         : SPSS23

Please note:
Your SPSS25 or SPSS23 license code can be used twice. Either for a second machine or a reinstall on your machine. After two actvations the license code can no longer be used for new activations. And in addition: Keep in mind that this is a personal license code and that it will expire a year after activation.

In case you need help you can contact the Nyenrode ICT Helpdesk.