Single donation


Limited tax advantages are awarded for a single donation with a minimum of 1%, or at least 60 euro, and a maximum of 10% of your taxable income. Let us say your taxable income on a yearly basis is 35.000 euro. This means you will only be able to get a percentual refund for your donations if you donate no less than 350 euro and no more than 3500 euro a year. Please visit this page from website of the Dutch Tax Authorities for more information.

Example: Suppose you would like to make a single donation of € 500 and your taxable income is € 35.000. The amount deductible from tax is € 150 (your donation of € 500 minus € 350, the minimum amount you must donate). In this example your tax advantage is € 56,06 (37,37% of € 150). You request the refund via the Dutch Tax Authorities. In short, you donate a net amount of €443,94 and the Nyenrode Fund receives € 500.

Want to make a single donation? Transfer the amount of your choice to NL11 ABNA 0567 0116 31 indicating the project you chose to support with the money. International donations should include the BIC number ABNA NL 2A.

It is possible to make a fast and safe donation via Tikkie, an app by the Dutch bank ABN Amro which allows you to pay via iDEAL on your mobile phone.


Have you made a donation? Let us know via e-mail. We would like to send you a handwritten thank you card.


Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations