An overview of the projects of Nyenrode Fund


The leafy Breukelen estate on which Nyenrode Business University is located, undoubtedly contributes to the unique experience of studying with us. The estate dates back to the 13th century and houses 27 monuments, although only 21 are currently in a decent state. Fortunately, with the help of our alumni and various funds and charities, we are able to continue to restore our treasured monuments.

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Nyenrode likes to keep her educational facilities state of the art. An example of this is the campaign Claim Your Chair. For the small price of 500 euros or more, you get to claim a chair in our The Rooij building. Your chair will have a small plaque with your name and quote on it, visible for whomever is sitting on your chair! Depending on availability, you may choose who you would like to be next to. And of course, you may try to secure your favorite spot in the room. 

More information about Claim Your Chair.

To strengthen the bond between the university, its alumni and the world of business, Nyenrode now invites alumni and corporations to sponsor and name a room or space at the university. All proceeds are used to optimize our educational facilities, and your organization makes a lasting impact on Nyenrode's students and participants and the many other guests visiting Nyenrode each year.

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Nyenrode Fund, or Stichting Nyenrode Fonds (SNF) in Dutch, provides scholarships for talented students who lack the resources to fully fund their education at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. These scholarships are made possible by our alumni who act as mentor to the recipients.

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Graduation gifts

To commemorate their graduation, many of our students want to leave something to the university that’s brought them so much. Over the years, our estate has been further enhanced by several works of art, cementing the bond between Nyenrode and its alumni. And there are other possibilities to gift something to the university too, each with their own impact and price point. For example, you can sponsor a bench on our estate, claim a chair in one of our lecture rooms or contribute to the restauration of our monuments or a scholarship.

Do you and your fellow graduates want to give something back to Nyenrode? Please contact us to discuss your options, we are happy to help you find an appropriate gift to leave to Nyenrode on behalf of your class or year!




Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations