Claim Your Chair on Nyenrode

The quality of our educational programs is partly dependent on the university's facilities. 2015 saw the launch of the 'Claim Your Chair' project, aimed at raising money for the renovation of a number of lecture rooms at the campus. Almost 200 alumni, employees and others claimed a chair.

Your name and an inspiring quote in a room full of Nyenrodians? For the small price of 500 euros or more, you get to claim a chair in our The Rooij building. Your chair will have a small plaque with your name and quote on it, visible for whomever is sitting on your chair! Depending on availability, you may choose who you would like to be next to. And of course, you may try to secure your favorite spot in the room. 

Due to our successful campaign with our donors, the last available chairs in De Rooij 101 and 104 have been claimed. This means we have raised enough donations to modernize another lecture room. Did you want to claim a chair, but were you just a little too late? Email us on mentioning 'Waitlist Claim Your Chair' and we will contact you when we continue the project in another lecture room.


Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations
Geert Sanders, emeritus hoogleraar Filantropie

Geert Sanders

Emeritus hoogleraar Filantropie
“It was a privilege for me to be invited to donate chairs for Nyenrode Business Universiteit!”