The leafy Breukelen estate on which Nyenrode Business Universiteit is located, undoubtedly contributes to the unique experience of studying with us. The estate dates back to the 13th century and houses 27 monuments, although only 15 are in currently a decent state. Fortunately, with the help of our alumni and various funds and charities, we are able to continue to restore our treasured monuments.


Monumental Orangery restored to its former glory

A shining example of this is the recent restoration of our monumental Orangery, which was reopened on 16 June 2018 after almost a year of renovations. On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, the members of the Luctor et Abortior student association contributed to the restoration of this historic greenhouse. Their contributions allowed us to return the Orangery to its former glory, and once again use it to store our container plants in the colder months, for example. To thank the donors for their kind gift, the Orangery will henceforth be known as ‘Luctor Orangery’. Additional thanks go to the Province of Utrecht for their contribution to our restoration efforts.


Restoration of the Menagerie complex

Restoration of Nyenrode's monumental Menagerie complex, with its duck decoy, aviary, pheasant run, dovecote and bird feeder, is currently underway. This restoration was made possible by the generous donations of the Province of Utrecht, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, the Countess of Bylandt Foundation and the Building Blocks for Animal Welfare Foundation. We look forward to welcoming a variety of fowl back soon!


Next: restoration of the garden wall and utility garden

SNF has already earmarked its next restoration project: the renovation of the garden wall and utility gardens – part of our Kitchen Garden complex. The Kitchen Garden complex further encompasses the recently restored Luctor Orangery, a chimney with boiler room, the peach greenhouse, the large greenhouse and a well. We are currently raising funds for this project.



Heleen van Hall MBA

Head of Alumni and External Relations