Adopt a lecture room

The ‘Adopt a (lecture) room’ project is another example of how you can make a personal contribution to Nyenrode’s educational facilities. Currently, Nyenrode has a number of (lecture) rooms named after companies or individual sponsors. The Pfizer Auditorium, the Hi-Tech Room and the Dr. Albert Heijn building are examples of rooms and buildings at Nyenrode named after their sponsor. They reflect the unique bond between the university, the business community and the alumni, which forms the foundation for Nyenrode’s success.

Adopting a (lecture) room enables Nyenrode to optimize its educational facilities. At the same time, it offers you and your company a unique way to show your support for Nyenrode. Confirming and strengthening existing bonds and forging new relationships with the business community boosts cross-fertilization, which benefits both parties. 

A lasting impression on students and participants 

By adopting a lecture room, you attach your company’s name to Nyenrode for the next five years in a unique manner. As a name sponsor of a lecture room, you ensure that your name or your company makes a lasting impression on the students, participants to events and the many other guests who use the lecture rooms.  

Privileges for sponsors

If you adopt a lecture room at Nyenrode, you are entitled to a number of attractive privileges.

  • Free use of the adopted lecture room
    Depending on the type of room, you or your company can use the adopted lecture room once a year free of charge (based on availability). In this way, you have the opportunity to receive your employees, clients and business contacts at Nyenrode in your own room.  
  • Broaden your network
    In addition, we organize an exclusive networking event at Nyenrode for our room sponsors once a year. We also invite sponsors to special events at Nyenrode, such as the opening of the academic year and the Thank The Donor Day. These events offer you extensive opportunities to meet other people from the Nyenrode network.  
  • Recruitment among Nyenrodians
    Nyenrode gives you access to the services of our Career and Personal Development department. This department specializes in recruitment among Nyenrodians, ensuring a good match between you (your company) and a candidate.  
  • Nyenrode lecture series 

When adopting a lecture room, you or your employees will have the opportunity to attend a Nyenrode lecture series (worth €2,195). This lecture series, where various experts and professors share their specific knowledge and insights that are directly applicable to business practice, is our gift to your company. There is bound to be a series that matches the development needs within your organization.  

The benefit to your company depends on the type of room and can increase to almost €6,600 during the sponsorship period. 

Select a room 

Nyenrode has a large number of rooms that vary in capacity, facilities and audience. As a result, some rooms will suit your needs better than others. 

Executive Cubicles  

In the Dr. Albert Heijn Building and the De Rooij Building, we have a total of nine Executive Cubicles, which can accommodate six to eight people. The rooms can be used for group work, peer review and meetings. The Cubicles are very popular, and are used by thousands of people each year.

The Cubicles are located on the first floor and are a part of the university’s Executive Education Facilities. The rooms are suitable for small groups, which has the advantage that the company name is highly visible to those booking the room.

The target audience for these Cubicles often involves the general management level within the business community. You can adopt an Executive Cubicle from €3,000 per year.

Lecture rooms 

The lecture rooms are spaces where our degree students gather for their lectures. These students, about 400 in number, are aged between 18 and 25, and attend lectures in these rooms frequently and intensively over a period of 1.5 to 3 years.

When students leave the Nyenrode ‘nest’, they can go anywhere in the world. Adoption of a room makes your company known to highly educated and highly ambitious Nyenrodians, who are planning to pursue a career in international business on graduation. You can adopt a lecture room for €5,000 per year.  

Executive lecture rooms  

At Nyenrode, we have three Executive Lecture Rooms with state-of-the-art facilities. These rooms, with a capacity of 36 seats, mainly host executives from the business world. Because these rooms are often used for meetings or shorter courses, they reach a large target audience, as we welcome thousands of people each year.

These rooms are used by business executives pursuing an MBA later in life. We also offer a variety of customized programs for organizations.

Adoption of an Executive Lecture Room is possible for €7,500 per year.  

Executive Lounges 

On the ground floor of the Dr. Albert Heijn Building and the De Rooij Building, we have two lounges for executives: the Executive Lounge and the Theater Lounge. These two lounges are located near the Executive Lecture Rooms and the Executive Cubicles. This is where we welcome guests of our programs, where they take their coffee breaks and meet each other.  

The lounges, which can accommodate 50 to 90 people, are also used by alumni and staff to meet external business contacts. Of all the venues at our university, these see the highest number of visitors: more than 10,000 per year! These two lounges also lend themselves well to corporate meetings.

For € 10,000 per year, you can become the name sponsor of the Executive Lounge or the Theater Lounge. 


Anouk Reitsma