Tax benefits

Making a donation

Contribute to the past, present and future of Nyenrode by becoming a donor of the Nyenrode Fund. Read more about the different ways to contribute and the fiscal advantages and join the many alumni who preceded you.

Dutch residents

A donation to the Nyenrode Fund is tax deductible for Dutch residents due to the Fund’s ANBI status. The deductibility depends on your taxable income. Read more on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities. Calculate your tax advantage via this ANBI calculator.

American Friends of Nyenrode

Are you an alumnus residing in the United States of America? Then the American Friends of Nyenrode Inc. (AFNU) is the organization to turn to. The AFNU is a North American organization of Nyenrode alumni and friends with the aim of supporting our educational goals and raising funds for revolving scholarships for current and future Nyenrode students. AFNU donations are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. AFNU also accepts donations from outside the US.