Living on campus

Nyenrode isn’t just a place to study and work. Over the years, hundreds of students have called Nyenrode home. These students make our campus, situated on the historic Nijenrode Estate, a lively place to be. According to our students, living on campus and our intensive programs create a close-knit community, with friendships and a professional network lasting a lifetime.


To ensure everyone feels at home on campus, we offer a number of facilities to make sure you can live, work and relax in comfort. Among the facilities you'll find at our campus are a living room, a student restaurant, cubicles for project and group work, a laundromat, an outdoor kitchen with barbecue, and various sports accommodations.

Student housing

The Student Campus has five buildings. They have been named after people who have meant a lot for the university: Postma, Weijer, Kuneman, Klaasesz and Philips (subdivided into Roeterink I & II, Riemsdijk and Otten). There are 291 rooms and three room types in these buildings:

  • Furnished with or without kitchenette (18-30 m2): type A or AK
  • Furnished small room (one person, 16 m2) with or without kitchenette: type AT or AKT
  • Furnished with kitchenette: type B or C

All houses have a private bathroom with a washstand, shower and toilet. They are available for use as single or double room.

Housing allocation

Our Housing & Projects department, part of Facility Services, is responsible for housing allocation and tasked with making and managing all rent agreements.

Download the General Terms and conditions for housing


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