MMBA Business & IT

Why an MBA in Business & IT?

Digital Leadership

Do you operate daily in a hectic environment with tight deadlines, varying departmental interests and limited budgets? You are not the only one. IT's impact on organizations is large, and increasing. It gathers a lot of investments, but these do not always produce the desired results, and organizational development processes are often long and complicated. However, IT also enables new organizational structures and business models; developing networks with partners, a more close-knit, interactive connection with customers, and less hierarchical layers within businesses.

IT is no longer a separate department, but part of an organization's strategy, and therefore demands leadership and entrepreneurship in order to stay ahead of the competition. Do you bridge the gap between IT and Business, guaranteeing a successful future?

The Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT centers on linking business with IT. Our integral approach to these two disciplines offers you the opportunity to bridge the gap while facing tomorrow's challenges.

The Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT consists of:

  • 6 core modules
  • 2 specialization modules
  • 1 international study trip
  • the thesis

Practical application of the theory
Are you curious about the practical application of the theory in our courses? Would you like to get to know the participants and teachers in the program? We are pleased to offer you a source of insight with the paperbook. Meet the participants and teachers through interviews and find inspiration in the selection of best papers by former participants. 

Check out the complete module overview below.

Modules MBA Business & IT


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Annemarie Hazeu

Program Advisor


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