Breath in Leadership

  • Breukelen, Online
  • 25 november 2021
  • 6 months
  • 4-8 hour
  • 18 modules
  • English
  • €19,950 excl. VAT

Breath in technology, with consciousness

Breath In leadership is about integrating our inner and outer ecologies for the wellbeing of all life. The program is specifically designed for corporate & government leaders and social entrepreneurs who want to bring conscious (inclusive, diverse, life-centered) and impactful change to their organisations and the communities around them.

Breath In Leadership is not only about the literal, physical interpretation of breathing and/or meditation. It is much more encompassing. It is an emerging global learning and co-creation  community, platform and ecosystem with a broader scope on how to create a regenerative future for all.

The Breath In Leadership program is an online program with an opening physical retreat at Nyenrode Business University and a closing one in Ibiza.

Return on Education

  • Insight and practice in various new essential leadership competencies
  • Awareness on how to become a leader of the future respecting intergenerational justice and legacy
  • Experiencing new ways to transform yourself into a more holistic, healthy, grounded, productive and integrated leader accepting the feeling of uncertainty and ambiguity

Breath In Leadership is an innovative Nyenrode Business University program organised in close cooperation with Conscious Learning Tribe.

  • Creating a balanced awareness around self, others and the world around you
  • Building an ecosystem and community of leaders to impact the world
  • Discover your purpose in life


  • Sujith Ravindran
  • Susan Schmitt
  • Sandy Hill
  • Nassim Taleb
  • Jeremy O’Brien
  • Koert van Mensvoort
  • Sanjeet Choudary
  • Tim Leberecht

*Speakers are subject to change

What are you going to do?

This deep and intense program is fundamentally different from other programs in terms of resetting your perspective on the fundamentals of life and business with a global group of top level thought leaders and practitioners. From the source by people who breathe it, everyday.

From day 1 every moment will be horizontal and open. Participants are co-creators. We don’t believe in vertical relationships, broadcasting and overly rigidly structured schedules.

Review and re-experience your own assumptions

Based on first principles thinking you will review and re-experience your own assumptions about yourself, other people, leadership and nature. This means we will dive into personal transformation, a complete overview of the principles we can learn from nature and ecology to be applied systemically in leadership and business, the value and values of ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures, redefining human nature and finding your true purpose, in that order. All scientifically grounded and practically translated. Without a shift in these fundamentals topics like digital transformation, governance, innovation and ESG will be harder to implement effectively. The fundamentals are our signature dish on our menu.

Develop future-proof competencies which are essential in any leadership context

Additionally, this program is about developing new and future-proof meta competencies which are increasingly essential in any leadership context. Examples are alignment & awareness, self love, courage, imagination, resilience, curiosity, compassion and intuitive decision making. These are more feminine and children focused intergenerational qualities with a strong focus on our hearts instead of just our minds.

Finally, with your fundamentals revisited enabling and boosting the efficacy of your new heart-focused competencies you are in a different position to start evaluating and using cutting edge art, technologies, organizational innovation and the future of work, in that order. Ethical with impact. Combining head and heart in a grounded and systemic way.


  • Initiation - This module is about creating awareness, what we observe, what we feel we need to change, in our behaviour and with our communities. This program will guide you with thinking and acting anew in order to create a new being as a leader.
  • Personal Transformation - Following the Initiation module, this module will hand you clear insights on how to change your behaviour and patterns build up over the years. Following our breath and connection with our heart, we can open up towards an entire new dimension in order to make better decisions at work, create a better life/work balance and design a happy life with our colleagues, communities and beloved ones.
  • Ancient Futures - In this module we invite indenegous tribe leaders to sit with us and share their old wisdom about nature and communities, a wisdom which may soon vanish from our Earth if we let our current default systems of natural resource extraction and industrial agriculture complete their cycles. We’ll co-create and learn together how to strengthen community and our connection with nature.
  • Human Nature  - In this module we redefine human nature in a more holistic and positive way based on recent insights from psychology, sociology, neurology, history, economics, biology and even physics. Human nature is more fluid, regenerative, cooperative, entangled, dynamic and constructive than previously imagined but only if we start living and working more from the heart and less from the mind or ego.
  • Nature & Regeneration - In this module we learn to think beyond sustainability to adopt a regenerative, inner revolutionary stance on a paradigm that embraces self-contemplation through nature's worldview or perspective. Additionally, the adoption of diverse perspectives and methods including; community-based design, mycelium, relational ontology, the merging of natural and social sciences as well as eco-literacy.
  • Purpose & Ikigai - Following the previous modules, this module will hand you clear insights on how to change your  long term compass. Following our breath and connection with our heart, we can narrow down or discover our purpose or Ikigai in business life by answering a few deep questions, guided meditation, journaling and a walk in nature individually.

Electives - choose four of your own themes

  • Self Love
  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Courage
  • Alignment
  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Resilience / Antifragility
  • Joy / Play
  • Future of Art
  • Future of Tech
  • Future of Organisations
  • Future of Work
  • Synthesis & Celebration

More information about the modules and electives? Request a meeting!

Who should apply?

You are a (Potential) Leader across the world with a growth mindset, an open heart and a hunger for completeness and innovation embracing not-knowing.

The Breath In Leadership program deals with global leadership from a C-suite and boardroom perspective as well as leaders within NGOs and scale-ups. It is a curated, diverse and inclusive group representing different genders, ethnicities, ages, cultures and sectors. Just like our speakers and facilitators.

During the program there is a strong focus on ex­change between theory and practice. It involves a fair amount of individual and team work. Hence, im­portant aspects of the course are interaction sessions realized via group meditation, co-creation, socratic dialogue, discussion and peer ex­change, offline and online.

Program costs

The program costs €19,950 excl. VAT.


The Breath In Leadership program is an online program with an opening physical retreat at Nyenrode Business University and a closing one in Ibiza.

The program starts on 25 November 2021 and runs untill 28 May 2022 , it includes 18 modules with weekly to bi-weekly sessions of 4-8 hours.


  • Initiation - Nov 25-27
  • Personal Transformation - Nov 25-27 (Offline in Netherlands at Nyenrode)
  • Ancient Futures - Dec 9
  • Human Nature - Jan 13
  • Nature & Regeneration - Jan 27
  • Purpose & Ikigai - Feb 10

Electives - choose four of your own themes

  • Self Love - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Compassion - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Curiosity - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Courage - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Alignment - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Intuition - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Imagination - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Resilience / Antifragility - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Joy / Play - Mar 10, 17, 24 or 31
  • Future of Art - Apr 7
  • Future of Tech - Apr 21
  • Future of Organisations - May 6
  • Future of Work - May 19
  • Synthesis & Celebration - May 26-29 (Offline in Ibiza)