Executive ESG topic module: ESG & Innovation

May 22, 2023
1 day
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Building an ESG-ready organization

Businesses must step up in a global effort to solve the environmental and societal crisis. How? By creating more sustainable products and services and optimizing their processes. Innovation plays a crucial role in embedding sustainability and social performance in your business. When done right, innovation can help companies reduce their negative impact on the environment and society while driving economic growth, creating jobs, boosting profitability, and enhancing competitiveness.

Innovation has become more critical for those businesses striving to stay ahead of the curve and tackle global environmental and societal issues. By investing in innovation, businesses can create new value streams for all stakeholders, including our planet and society.

In this open topic module, you will learn how to become a sustainable leader in today’s markets and prepare the organization to explore new revenue streams that solve major challenges, thus becoming an economic force for good.

Return on education

  • Knowlegde about how you develop an ESG strategy for your organization
  • Knowlegde about how you integrate ESG in your organization
  • Knowlegde about how you transform your business model
  • Knowlegde about how you develop innovative sustainable business models

This program is part of the ESG Innovation Institute, a collaboration between KPMG and Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

  • The latest academic knowledge and insights on ESG innovation at board level
  • Deepening in the administrative and governance aspects that play a role in this
  • Lessons learned from practice

Who do you get lectured by?

Assistant Professor
Richard Janssen is an Assistant professor at Nyenrode Business University and is fascinated by themes such as survival, transformation, renewal and development.
Mark Dijksman
Mark Dijksman
Guest speaker
Mark is CEO of oneUp, founded in 2015. At oneUp, their ambition is to be a team of innovators, focused on making businesses future proof and protect them from disruption. They do this by co-creating tech start ups with our clients; from ideation to validation and from building to scaling new digital products, leveraging the latest technologies like AI and blockchain.
Jeff Gaspersz
Jeff is Professor of Innovation. Innovation is a top priority in business and government. In his chair, he contributes to insights and ideas that support leaders and policy makers in developing and exploiting the power of innovation.

Program outline

In this open topic module, you will learn how to become a sustainable leader in today’s markets and prepare the organization to explore new revenue streams that solve major challenges, thus becoming an economic force for good.


Preparing the organization - Dr. Richard Janssen

  • Sense of urgency ESG, Green deal
  • Strategic innovation
  • External relations in the value chain & ecosystems

What we can learn is that preparing your organization is essential but often overlooked by executives. They would rather take incremental steps to become sustainable or take too bold steps to deal with environmental uncertainty. But you cannot become innovative overnight. You have to create a dual strategy that helps you to reshape your role in society. Like DSM you learn to deliver shared value.  

Casus: DSM is an iconic company that not only transformed once but showed repeatedly that it is able to reinvent herself. Their latest journey is a strategy that addresses several of the ESG. And by doing that they help their customers to become more profitable while at the same time become more sustainable. So, the challenging question is: how did DSM transform the company into an economic force for good?   

Sustainable business model innovation - Mark Dijksman, Founder & CEO of OneUp

  • Ecosystem-based business models    
  • Balancing purpose  and profit in corporate venturing
  • Best practices: Cargill, Rabobank & Tommy Hilfiger

We now need 1.75x earths to provide enough resources to sustain our $94 trillion global economy, Why? Because we waste 91% of the material we produce and consume globally. Boardrooms of European corporates are aware of the need for sustainable innovation, but have no ready-made answer to the question: How? Or, let’s be real, even a more urgent one - How to balance purpose and profit in sustainable innovation? Radical innovation is needed for radically higher positive value. But to keep innovating, businesses have to prove financial viability.  

Dijksman argues that there is a way to launch successful sustainable innovation on scale. In his workshop, he’ll talk about the specifics of ecosystem-based business models, and walk you through the hands-on corporate innovation process, allowing you to generate value via such models. In the workshop, you’ll learn how to apply portfolio strategy to sustainable innovation and balance purpose and profit by validating desirability and viability and proving jobs-to-be-done for all the stakeholders. We’ll also cover the practicalities of setting up an innovation team for success.          

To make it very concrete, Dijksman will show examples of companies like Rabobank, Tommy Hilfiger, and Cargill and how they used the corporate innovation process to create new successful sustainable business models. 

Developing the Necessary Leadership, Culture, and Innovation Mindset - Prof. dr. Jeff Gaspersz

  • How to boost a creative mindset?
  • How to get the internal organization on board?
  • Role of employees, Company Culture
  • Role of leadership on Board level and First-line management

Gasperz's contribution focuses on building the necessary leadership, culture, and innovation mindset to make the organization ESG-ready. 
Participants will learn how to create a culture of ESG within the organization, and how to develop a leadership style that prioritizes sustainability. They will also learn how to foster an innovation mindset that can lead to the development of new and effective ESG practices. Furthermore the course will cover the importance of communication, stakeholder engagement and how to measure the success of ESG efforts. 

Throughout the course, participants will engage in interactive discussions, exercises and practical activities, and will have the opportunity to apply the concepts learned to their own organization. By the end of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of the steps they need to take to make their organization ESG-ready and will have the tools and skills necessary to lead the way.


The topic modules are for C-level leaders with a basic knowledge on ESG desired.


  • 22 May 2023

The topics take place from 09:00 to 17:00 and end with a drink together with your peers.

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What are the costs?

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