Sports Leadership Program

In short

  • Breukelen
  • 25 november 2018
  • 9 months (4 times a week)
  • 16 days
  • at Nyenrode and abroad
  • English
  • € 16,900

Sports Leadership Program

Do you want to become a Next Generation Sports Leader?

During the Sports Leadership Program you’ll learn about an innovative way of thinking combined with an academic approach to leadership in sports. Your personal development journey and the collaboration with other sports disciplines and sports colleagues are the main focus of this program.

The program provides in-depth insight into the dynamic world of sports leadership. Based on a holistic and leadership-oriented approach, we’ll analyze the “sports ecosystem” and core values such as integrity, credibility and sustainability. Passionate sports leaders will come together to make sustainable improvements to the world of elite sports in an innovative way.

The core question of this program is: how can we help you to make a lasting impact in the sports world?

You’ll seek out your sources and motivational drivers and learn to use these as fertile ground for your growth. The process will force you to step outside of your comfort zone so that you can discover new insights and characteristics of yourself that will help you to become a better and more inspiring leader.

The Sports Leadership Program is part of Nyenrode Sports Inc.

“We believe that sports contribute to a better world”

  • Inspiring keynote speakers and fellow participants
  • Insight in leadership in the sports ecosystem
  • Enlarge your network in the world of sports

Who are your lecturers?

Whatever it is you want to learn – with us, you will learn from experts. During the Sports Leadership Program, you will hear inspiring speakers talk about their vision and their experiences with the most important principles and insights in this field.

The professors, guest teachers and guest speakers for this program are among others:*

Nyenrode Speakers:
  • Dr. Bas Kodden
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. André Nijhof
  • Prof. Dr. Henry Robben
  • Prof. Dr. Dennis Vink
  • Dr. Ir. Henk Kievit
  • Prof. Dr. Miša Džoljić
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Jan Blomme
Guest speakers:

Edwin Goedhart, Iwan Spekenbrink, Heleen Crielaard, Geert Savelsbergh, Jaap Stalenbrug, Jos de Koning, Mark de Klerk, Wibe Veenbaas, Toon Gerbrands, Thomas Tichelman, Thijs Otto van Es, Morten Hjort, Maarten Hoelen, Michiel van Dijk, Arne Mosselman, Thijs Sleegers, Paul van As, Peter Sprenger, Michiel Vervoort, Steven Vos, Maurits Hendriks, Jean-Paul Rison, Henk Markering, Mart de Kruif

*Subject to change

What will you do?

The Sports Leadership Program includes four modules and begins with the so-called Kickstart. On this day we’ll work together with you to start mapping out your personal journey. This personal journey is your personal pathway through the program. On this day you’ll also get to know your fellow participants, explore your own ambitions and motivations, and set concrete goals relating to these. This intensive intake process lays the foundation for your training and gives you the opportunity to go through the Nyenrode Sports Experience in the way that best suits your ambitions.

You can attend the Kickstart on September 17th 2018. The next Kickstart is on January 29th 2019.

This day will include guidance from Phoenix Education. This organization guides people who have a strong desire for sustainable growth and wish to further develop themselves personally or professionally. Throughout the entire training program, the coaches from this organization will guide you on your personal journey through interviews, personal coaching and group sessions.

Module 1 (25-18 November 2018) revolves around Leading Social Impact and will be led by Prof. Dr. Robert Jan Blomme, professor of Organizational Behavior at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. The so-called Leading Yourself day will be held during this module on April 16th. This day will be led by Morten Hjort, Director of Phoenix Education. He will challenge you to discover your own leadership style and teach you how to deal with complex, challenging and often emotional situations within sports management and coaching. In addition to this day, Phoenix will also run your personal coaching session three times throughout the training program.

Module 2 (14-19 January 2019), Leading Sports Business  will be held entirely in Japan at the Tsukuba International Academy for Sports Studies (TIAS) at the University of Tsukuba. You will travel to Tokyo an Tsukuba, join several lectures at the University, visit the Dutch Embassy and climb the Mount Tsukaba.

Module 3 (2-5 April 2019), Leading Sports Policies is led by prof. Dr. Dennis Vink, professor of Finance & Investment at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. This module will take a detailed look at business, legal and governance issues in the Sports Ecosystem.

Module 4 (16-19 June 2019) will take place both on the campus of Nyenrode Business Universiteit and at Papendal Sports Center, led by Prof. Dr. Geert Savelberg from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Institute of Sports Science. This last module of the training program focuses on Leading High Performance. In addition to devoting significant attention to physical and mental topics, you’ll also examine the theme of IT in sports, an element that has become indispensable in elite sports. This last module of the curriculum will conclude with a festive graduation at July 1st, 2019.

In November 2019, you and your fellow participants will return to the Nyenrode campus as alumni for the Touchdown. During this day you’ll exchange your experiences about how you’ve taken what you learned and put it into practice. We’ll also invite a number of speakers from the business community and the sports world to share their experiences with you regarding the “next step” in your personal journey.

For whom?

The Sports Leadership Program has been specifically designed for talented and ambitious sports coaches and managers, as well as entrepreneurs with a passion for sports. We feel diversity creates the ideal environment for growth. With this in mind, we aim to create a group of students from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of experiences and dreams.

Suitable candidates for this program are: national team managers, Olympic coaches, top sports managers, business executives, technical managers, and entrepreneurs and sports managers that look to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences.


The Sports Leadership Program has been specifically designed for talented and ambitious coaches and managers working in top sports environments. Because of this, there is a strict selection process, enabling us to deliver the highest quality and maximum personal development.

You can apply for the Sports Leadership Program by filling in the registration form and sending it to

Any further questions? Janneke van Klei is happy to help! Call +31 346 295 403 or send an email to

What are the costs?

Your investment for the Sports Leadership Program is € 16,900 (excluding VAT) and may be spread over two fiscal years. The fee includes overnight stays as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner during campus days at Nyenrode and our partner universities. It excludes travel costs.

Will your employer pick up the bill? Please indicate so on your registration form, stating your employer's project or order number (when applicable).

Class 2017 - 2018

These participants started the third edition of the Sports Leadership Program:

Deelnemers Sports Leadership Program 2017-2018

Class 2016 - 2017

Groepsfoto 2016-2017

top row: Jacques Loomans, Pieter Bas Bruggink, Sophie Conijn, Boris Kusmirak, Marja Spreij, Hanneke van der Marel, Houdijn Beekhuis, Frank Gimbrère, Marjon Kooistra, Walter van der Mast, Lila de Soysa, Frank Thewessem, Bartel Berkhout, Reinoud Wolff

bottom row: Conny Wenting, Steven de Jongh, Jayant Kaulesar Sukul, Ernst Ligthart, Cees Juffermans, Ronald Lamsma

Class 2015 - 2016

Groepsfoto 2015-2016

top row: Nick van Kouwenhoven, Paul Rinkens, Michiel Vervoort, Peter Lansaat, Edward van Wonderen, Toine Linders

middle row: Conny Wenting, Steven de Jongh, Sjoerd Marijne, Joscha de Vries, Erwin van den Braak

bottom row: Bartel Berkhout, Mark Tuitert, Mark Rutte, Elisa Ostet, Maike Willems, Wim Biesterveld, Markus Neumann, Sophie Conijn