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Kimberly van Doorn, young professional and discoverer

She is embarking on a new phase in her life. With her Marketing Management Master’s in hand, Kimberly van Doorn is busy applying for jobs. For her, growth especially means personal growth: “Before I started this study program, I was sure of who I was and what I stood for. My experience at Nyenrode gave me a much more down-to-earth perspective. That’s what growth means to me. Nyenrode is more than just a place where you gain knowledge about the business world; above all, it’s a school for life.”

It was the social life on campus in particular that made Kimberly discover that she still had a lot to learn about herself. “After completing my higher professional education in Business Communication, I worked as a marketer at Pon Equipment. Then I took a long trip, during which I learned a lot about myself and the countries I visited. After that I started the full-time Marketing Management Master’s program. I lived on campus and joined the student association, which included students as well as alumni. In the meetings at the women’s fraternity I realized that I still had a long way to go, as I had thought after my trip. You’re seen as an equal, but they also ask you in-depth questions that you don’t yet have answers for. I was suddenly brought back down to earth once again.”

Campus life

This is exactly what made her studies at Nyenrode so fascinating, Kimberly says: “The campus and social life is an important part of the study program. Over the course of 16 months, you form a tight-knit group with each other in which everyone has his or her own place. You face questions like: should I take the lead, yes or no? This forces you to think about yourself and examine where your strengths lie. During social gatherings, alumni ask you what you have to offer. I like to think about what I can contribute to society later on. My parents said that I’m always open to new things, which is true. I’m ambitious and eager to learn. I use the Nyenrode approach in my private life as well. I’m a listening ear for my friends, but I also ask them critical questions.”

Your Legacy Academy

Kimberly is taking the first step in her further personal growth process at Your Legacy Academy. “It was founded by Erno Pickee, another Nyenrodian. He doesn’t believe in traditional learning approaches, but instead aims to take you out of your comfort zone in order to help you determine who you are and develop your unique talents, thus working on your personal growth. You don’t get any information about the daily schedule in advance, so that you come into the program with a completely open mind. It’s starting soon and I’m extremely curious. This will definitely help me to think about what I can contribute in the near future.”


Why should someone choose Nyenrode? “The great thing about Nyenrode is that there is no single specific profile of a Nyenrodian,” Kimberly van Doorn says. “You learn a lot precisely from each other’s differences. Everyone is therefore very authentic and stays true to themselves. You are actually respected for being different. If you want to get the most out of your study program at Nyenrode, then the campus and social life is really important.”

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