Bartel Berkhout is founder and Program Director of Nyenrode Sports, an international sports leadership institute part of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Founded in 2014, Nyenrode Sports was launched with a mission to inspire and empower the next generation leaders in sports.

For the last fifteen years Berkhout has been involved in several high performance sports programs, including the national field hockey team of South Africa and the Hockey India League.

Berkhout has both a legal, business and sports background. He translates his experience as a professional sports coach to the business world and vice versa. Berkhout holds two master degrees, one awarded by the University of Amsterdam (Master in Dutch Law 2003) and one awarded by Business University Nyenrode (International MBA, 2006). Furthermore he was accredited by the World Hockey Federation as a FIH development coach (Lahore, 2004).

Berkhout is also ambassador of Olympact: a non-profit foundation focusing on bringing a positive change and the sustainability message to the ‘Olympic podium’  to share both sporting prowess and sustainability progress.

Bartel joined the brand campaign of Nyenrode. Read his story about performing together.

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