Stimulate a different mindset

Ever since our foundation, Nyenrode has regarded shaping our students as our social responsibility. We contribute to the development of responsible leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations through practice-oriented education and research.

Our focus is not only on conveying academic knowledge, but also to prepare students for a role in international business, both profit and non-profit, by stimulating a broader development. This calls for an international context and gaining understanding of different cultures. To bring these values to the classrooms and campus, both in Amsterdam and Breukelen, we strive for a diverse student population. This student population needs to be a mirror of the international world our students will go on to work in, after obtaining their degree. Nyenrode Business University is a private, institution which means our college tuition is significantly higher than that of other Dutch universities. While international students are often able to afford the tuition, a (partial) scholarship is an important instrument to attract the young international talent we would like to welcome to our university.

Diverse student population 

Additionally, we wish to attract students who can stimulate a different mindset. To achieve a diverse student population, we need to be able to offer certain interesting candidates a helping hand. You might think of very talented and motivated students from less privileged families, or refugees. They require financial support to be able to study at Nyenrode, with a full scholarship.


To reach the aforementioned goal, we aim to significantly expand the existing number of scholarships. Our ambition is to be able to offer 30 scholarships each year by 2027, of which 20 are reserved for international students and 10 for students with limited financial means from the Netherlands. It’s important to Nyenrode to attract a more diverse student population for both Amsterdam and Breukelen. That is why Nyenrode invests in scholarships and offers free housing to impact students.

However, we cannot reach this goal without additional funding. Therefore we invite alumni to help us realize our ambitions by donating for these scholarships.


Contributions in any amount are welcome and help to support talented students to come to Nyenrode. For donations to Stichting Nyenrode Fonds you can remit your donation to our ABN AMRO bank account

  • IBAN: NL11 ABNA 0567 0116 31
  • BIC: ABNA NL 2A.

Donations from US alumni will be transferred through AFNU. You can make a donation by electronic transfer (Paypal) of make out a check to AFNU.

Made out to: “American Friends of Nyenrode”
Send to:
Remco de Rechter (AFNU Treasurer)
140 Cambridge Ave
Garden City, NY 11530


Revolving scholarship

Was your time as a student at Nyenrode an experience you will always cherish? With a scholarship, you can give students who would otherwise not have the financial means to study at Nyenrode, the opportunity to have that same experience.


Heleen van Hall

Heleen van Hall

Alumni Relations, External Relations & Fundraising