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Research papers

BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

BASE is one of the world's largest search engines for academic open access web resources. It offers more than 40 million documents (partly full-text) from more than 2,400 sources. BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library.
Financial Economic databases

BMI Research

BMI Research offers same-day analysis and country risk assessments, covering over 200 countries. Included are macro-economic data, economic forecasting over a range of years and analyses of operational, economic, and political risks of a...
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Library catalogs

Catalog Nyenrode library

- Accounting standards: see location code 230F - Annual reports: in the Nyenrode library you will find a paper collection of 700 Dutch and major foreign companies, covering the last 10 years. - Corporate governance: see location code 90A...
Financial Economic databases


The database Company.info contains full-text annual reports and company information.
Research papers


DART-Europe is a web portal that offers digital dissertations of European universities. The portal was developed in cooperation with the national repositories for scientific information (e.g., the Dutch portal Narcis) and the libraries o...
Financial Economic databases; Statistical databases


<Access in the Nyenrode library only, reservation is necessary, please contact library staff> International database containing data on equities, bonds, interest rates, exchange rates, financial company information and macro economic dat...
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Delpher is a Dutch historical information source containing millions of digitalized pages from: Newspapers: 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th century Books: 18th and 19th century Journals: 19th and 20th century