Annemieke Roobeek has been a Professor of Strategy and Transformation Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit since 1997, the fourth professorship in her career. Between 1988 and 2002 she was Professor of Technology and Economics (Nyenrode), Wibaut Professor of Urban Studies (University of Amsterdam) and Professor of Complex Issues in the Field of Strategy and Policy (University of Amsterdam). She lectures in the International MBA, Public-Private Executive MBA, Executive Leadership programs and in the executive program on Governance and Modern Co-Determination (Work Councils).
Annemieke Roobeek is a strong advocate of inter-generational work and argues for more space in strategy development for younger generations with their high-tech networking skills as an important source of innovation within companies and organizations (
She is a designer of business ecosystems around challenging issues, like healthu society, circular economy and financial fraud. In her research she works with big data analytics in combination with collective intelligence. Via the strategic dialogue she stimulates interactive strategy development and accelerated innovation, a style she calls ‘interactive strategic innovation’. In modernization and transformational processes, she works with cross-sections of the organization to leverage the diversity of knowledge within the organization.
Annemieke Roobeek is known for her independence of spirit, her energy and entrepreneurial innovative drive. “Innovation means going over the edge. Otherwise everything would remain as it is. Innovation for me is to dare to consciously do things differently. You know in advance that it will take a lot of hard, hard work. But it’s a thrilling interactive process that almost always leads to far-reaching innovations that will surprise all the onlookers.”
Founder & Director of advisory companies
Annemieke is director and owner of MeetingMoreMinds B.V., an inter-company networking organization to promote professional development and accelerate innovation in a networked setting. Through Open Dialogue B.V., another of her companies, she has designed and supervised large-scale transformation processes and strategy projects for companies and (governmental) organizations since 1994. She is co-initiator of XL Labs B.V. which is specialized in designing and developing ecosytems.  She is also responsible for FINPRO, the multi-annual project creating networks of financial professionals for the Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecution Service to develop new research approaches based on big data to discern patterns of fraud in national and  international financial crime.
Former board positions
Annemieke Roobeek has been a member of various supervisory boards at, among others, Aedes (1996-2009), PCM (1996-2007), Fortis NV / AG (1994-2005), Haute Equipe (Financial Services) (2007-2008) and SNT (1999-2002). In addition, she was a member of the Board at NLR National Aerospace Laboratory (1994-2000), Member of the Supervisory Board of the VU University Medical Center (1995-2001), member of the Board of the Digitale Stad Foundation (1994-2000) and Member of the Board of the Rietveld Academy Foundation (1995-2001). The Ministry of Justice recommended her as a member of the advisory committee for the allocation of funds from the gambling organizations (2003-2004) and she was chairman of the Environment Advisory Council for Innovative Projects in Urban Renewal (IPSV) (2001-2002). She was also a member of the Advisory Board of Arthur D. Little (Benelux) (2005-2008) and Shikar (executive search and consulting) (2004-2008).
Other positions
Annemieke Roobeek is an INSEAD certified International Director (IDP-C). She is an experienced director and supervisory board member with over 20 years of hands on experience in various industries. She is currently Supervisory Board member at ABN AMRO Bank, KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines and ABBOTT healthcare Products. She was non-executive director at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre, Draka Holding, and Solvay Pharmaceuticals. She was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Science Museum NEMO / NCWT-Dutch Centre for Science and Technology. She was a founding member of the Board of the VU Medical Centre Fund for promotion of special medical research. In 2009, and earlier she was member of the Supervisory board of the VU Medical Center. She joined the Housing Council with the mandate to work towards a vision of urbanization and sustainability and later in 2010 she was the chair for a study on the obstacles for renewal energies in The Netherlands for the RLI.