Inez Verwey (1969) is Associate Professor in auditing at the Center for Auditing & Assurance at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.
After graduating from College De Klop in Utrecht, Inez studied Business Economics at the Hogeschool voor Economie en Management in Utrecht (bachelor) as well as at the University of Amsterdam (Master). In 1992 she started her professional career as public auditor. In 1997 Inez earned her qualification as Register Accountant (public auditor, chartered accountant) after finishing a postmaster in auditing at the University of Amsterdam. As public auditor Inez gained extensive experience in the financial audit of many larger profit and non-profit organizations.
On graduating as Register Accountant she wrote her thesis on the subject of forensic accounting. Her thesis was published by Ernst & Young Forensic Services BV. In 1998 Inez specialized in fraud investigation and started a career as a forensic accountant. She was involved in the development of the forensic accounting department at one of the Big 4 Auditing Firms. As a forensic accountant she gained extensive experience in fraud investigation and fraud prevention projects and noted differences between public auditors and forensic accountants in their ability to detect fraud.
In 2008 she was invited by Nyenrode Business University to start a PhD Research on this subject. Since then she holds a position at Nyenrode Business University at the Center for Auditing & Assurance.
In May 2014 she defended her PhD-theses: “Differences between public auditors and forensic accountants in their ability to identify fraud risks and to plan effective procedures to mitigate fraud risks – The relationship between individual traits and fraud experience and training on fraud risk identification and planning audit procedures.” 
(supervisors: Prof. dr. Barbara Majoor RA and Prof. dr. Arnie Wright (Northeastern University, Boston))
Her research interest is audit quality, specifically focused on fraud detection and forensic accounting. In addition to conducting research, Inez lectures in auditing (Auditing Theory, Advanced Auditing, Research Methodology, Fraud, supervising and examining master theses).